Though it started out with good intentions, "feminism" itself has become completely distorted. Are we really to gain worth as women by tearing down men...? Because I promise you, that is not how we progress.
No. And before we can focus on changing how men see women, how about we focus first on how women see women?
I've been through a fair amount of bullying. Severe bullying, even. [Enough to lead to a PTSD diagnosis.] Most of this bullying was done by... women. 
With the exception of a handful of golden women who grace this earth, women in general are mean, petty, and care only about their own image. Women gossip and are unconcerned with how their words may hurt. Women like to tear others down to feel better about themselves. "Mean girls" is a stereotype for a reason.  Women are nasty. 
Well, women? Is your response "well, men are too?" 
How about we get down to problem and let's change. What if we as women actually bonded together instead of breaking each other down? We rise by lifting others. I am convinced that if we as women were more united, we would rule the world.
But I can assure you that until we unite, we will not see any significant advancement of the "feminist" agenda.

First, if you haven't seen Zootopia, stop reading this and go watch it. There are so many lessons to be learned and this is just one of them.
Second, meeko-mar from Tumblr hit the nail on the head: "Can we all appreciate that Judy found one of her most powerful allies through HONEST POSITIVITY and socialization with another girl." 
Through GENUINE appreciation and SINCERE communication, Judy made a friend who would later save her bacon. 
So, my friends, let's all try to be a little more like Officer Hopps. 
Male or female, let's seek to build up, not tear down.
And next, let's raise a generation to do the same.

Mischief Managed.

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  1. YES! I hate feminism for this reason. We are not better than men, and men are not better than us.Let's focus on other things!

    1. THANK YOU! I've gotten so many comments on FB about how I should be ashamed of not being a feminist... but I just love men too much. haha Preach it girl! xX