Ted Mosby, Architect


"You see, everyone has baggage...
It’s a part of life. But like anything else, it’s easier when someone gives you a hand with it.”
--Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother

Tonight I sat down with my sweet husband and cried to him about the past. He sat patiently and listened while I wailed about hard things, regretful choices and hurtful people. At one point, I stopped and asked "is there no one besides you that I can trust..?"
And he said one of the most profound perspectives that I've ever heard. He said, "Kynia, the adversary figured out real quick that he wouldn't be able to tempt you to follow him and his devilish ways, so he tempted the people around you. And unfortunately, they were led astray. His ultimate goal is to make all miserable like unto himself, and so one way or another, he wanted you to be miserable-- even if it wasn't necessarily your fault. Even if he got you as collateral damage."
He told me then of the Israelite's finally reaching the promised land after years and years of slavery and misery. They immediately built an alter, giving thanks unto their God for delivering them. He reminded me that in a small way this Great Move is becoming my very own promised land. We came here according to God's plan for us, and now it is my attitude and choices that will determine where I go from here.
Ted Mosby really said it best when he taught his kids to find someone who will help you carry the load that is weighing down your shoulders. But I'd like to add to it:
If you're truly lucky, that person might just help you unpack those bags.

Tonight, I am grateful to my God for delivering me to my promised land and for the great man who I am lucky enough to call my husband.
No idea why he chose me but every day I become even more grateful that he did.
I love you, Mr. Gainer.

Mischief Managed.

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  1. You and I are abundantly blessed to have great husbands. I could've written this, having deep shame about the past, how I was in high school, people I hurt, etc. The strongest people take the toughest times. :)


    1. And look at you now! You are absolutely radiant and taking the world by storm, Mrs. Padilla! xX

  2. i'm so glad that you have a lovely husband who you can trust to talk to :) Also, I LOVE how I met your mother :)

    lots of love, Marianne xxx


    1. aw, Marianne- I have MISSED you! I hope you had a good summer break. Popping over to your blog now xX

  3. Your husband is a wise man. I love that sentiment!