Rushes in like the tide...


Great opportunities may come once in a lifetime, 
but small opportunities surround us every day.

Tonight, my sweet husband took me along the beach.
We were walking along and all of a sudden, he turned to me. "Close your eyes," he said as he pressed something into the palm of my hand.
A beautiful little entirely intact "once in a lifetime" sand dollar.

Now I may not have grown up on the beach, but I sure know how rare of a moment that is... and I screamed in joy and awe.
"Maybe it's a sign," he said.
A sign, indeed. The sea is full of beautiful things, but chose to give us this beautiful little treasure today. Likewise, life is full of beautiful things. And though every day might not be good, there is always something good in each day. Each day life offers us opportunity, whether small or great. Are we paying attention?

What else we would see if we took the time to slow down a bit?
Walking back up to the pier heading back to the car, we saw an elderly women stepping along with her arms full of chairs and bags.
"Ma'am, do you need a hand with that?" said my sweet husband.
She smiled and thanked him for his kindness, but reassured him that she was doin just fine.
Without blinking an eye, he wished her a good night and stepped right back in stride with me.
Now, I may not have grown up on the beach, but I sure know that these kind of moments with Matthew are not so rare. He is one that is quick to recognize those little opportunities as they appear and is just as quick to jump into action.
And he is my once in a lifetime, beautiful sand dollar.
True love rushes in like the tide, changing you, healing you.

And just like those once in a lifetime beautiful, delicate, unblemished sand dollars on the beach, true love happens. Happiness truly does exist. Moments of joy are awaiting you at every turn.
They may be hard to find sometimes, or even difficult to recognize, but they exist. Keep searching, keep seeking joy. Adventure is out there and opportunity is knocking at your door. Right. Now.
And you will find it.
Or, in my case, God will lead you to it.

Mischief Managed.

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  1. That is entirely true, what you said, that these once in a lifetime opportunities for thankfulness and joy are arriving almost constantly. Now hoping I have the eyes to recognize them as they come.

    1. Girl I already know you do! You have eyes that see magical things everywhere. Seriously envy you for that creative mind! xX