The Difference Between Cats and Dogs


Hey y'all! Life is going just... swimmingly. Because, you know, the beach.
But I digress...
The other day I sat down to eat some Fudge Brownie gelato (I know, I have such a hard life) and little Marvel the Wonder Corgi jumped up on the side of the chair hoping to get a little taste. When I sat down, I shifted the chair a smidge to the left by accident, which was enough to throw him off balance, but he simply just readjusted his little paws and continued to give me those big ol' brown begging puppy dog eyes.

By contrast, earlier that same morning, I sat down to eat some breakfast. Luna jumped up on my chair as I slid it out from under the table, hoping to get a little handout. She proceeded to whine and yowl as the chair was moving to let me know how upset she was with me, and she eventually jumped off  the chair and ran upstairs to hide.

This got me thinking of the difference between cats and dogs.[[Disclaimer: please do not think that I am saying that cats are awful, I love my little miss Luna and cats will forever be my favourite. I am merely examining the situation.]]
In this little scenario, when the chair "status quo" was changed, the dog simply just readjusted himself and carried on. The cat whined, complained, and eventually ran away from the change.
Now maybe you're thinking "Oh Kynia, you've lost your marbles, this is too much to infer from such a silly situation..." and perhaps you're right. But for me the message is clear: am I more of a dog person or a cat person?

When trouble comes do I readjust my sails and keep going, or do I complain and run from the change?
I have to admit that I am indeed a cat person. And perhaps in this aspect, I must try to become more of a dog person. When a little change comes my way, I should try to be more easygoing and less full of worry. I should have a bit more confidence in myself to handle the situation instead of running away from what could be a very great thing.

Or perhaps I should use food to motivate my entire life because I'm pretty sure that's what Marvel does anyway.

Food for thought. Pretty grateful today that I married a dog person.

Mischief Managed.

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  1. I've always wanted a cat since I was little, but my parents never allowed it (specifically my dad)...but a year after he passed away, my mom and I got a dog (Aris). She doesn't like cats. Since then, we've added 2 more pooches in our family (including my stepdad's dog Natasha), and Cecilio and I moved in with Aris and his own dog Chewy. So we have lots of canines in our family! I still want a cat though, it's just that our apartment doesn't allow more than 2 pets and Aris doesn't like cats. Marvel and Luna are so adorable, I would love to touch and feel Luna's fur :)


    1. Girl... not gonna lie, I got so giddy when I saw your last name is now Padilla! <3 Dogs are great too-- but cats are just so darn snuggly and I love it. Maybe a little kitten is in your future one day, right? Also you're more than welcome to come visit Luna any time you want! xX