Of Hemoglobin and Stardust…


My friends, life nowadays is simply bursting with opportunity and CHANGE and it is so, so exciting! We are finally getting settled here in our fixer upper home (pics to come) and both have found amazing places of employment. And when I say amazing, I mean it. We are truly so, so blessed. Life is so, so FULL and joyful!

But that will be another post later on. Right now I want to talk about one of my favourite things about Utah, and more specifically about Orem—the lil ol’ town I grew up in. There is one worldwide event that makes Orem shine and it is called the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. Brace yourselves.
For those of you who know me well, you’ll know exactly where to find me the first week of September. In my eyes, the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival is DisneyWorld status. Featured tellers and performers from all across the globe, not to mention the diverse musicians and the amazing food, complete with a whole three days (and nights) of oral tradition right there in the beautiful mountain setting. The first time I attended I was nine years old... and every year since it has continued to be nothing short of pure MAGIC.

To kick off the festival this last fall, they hosted a “Look Who’s Talkin” night, where you could hear from every single featured storyteller in one sitting. It was a real treat! 
Learn more about the annual festival at: http://timpfest.org/
I thoroughly enjoyed that night (and the entire festival for that matter). As always, I laughed, I cried, I cried from laughter, and I got the chills as I learned great truths. But the moment that absolutely blew me away—and that has become my mantra for this new year of 2017-- was from a lovely lady named Kim Weitkamp. [Click here to learn more about her!]

Kim told a story of her early elementary school years, in which she was infamous for her uncontainable amounts of energy. One year, her teacher had quite a different perspective and told her “Kimberly, you have the gift of gab. And with it, you could rule the world.” Instead of writing complaints on the back of her report card like the other teachers had, she wrote “Kimberly is a pure delight”. Because of this one teacher who saw and supported the potential in her, Kim’s perspective of herself began to change. She began to believe in herself and her strengths.. and just look at her now. Stealin hearts all over the nation. She is a marvel of a woman, and to close she said, “Everyone hold up your arm. Look at your wrist there with all of the little veins running through it. Those veins contain hemoglobin, which is a fancy word for blood. And that blood is made of four metals that can only be found elsewhere in exploding stars. So, my friends, remember this. You carry a universe of potential.” A chill spread down my arms and down right into the pulsing of my wrist and fingertips.
And from that moment, those words have been etched into my heart.

So, my friends, as Kim passed it on to me, I will extend to you the same reminder. You LITERALLY carry a universe of potential. Tomorrow is a new day, May is a new month. 2017 is not yet over, and you are still an alive, breathing, universe of power! Go make whatever you’re dreaming about HAPPEN.

And a special thank you to all of the people—like Kim, even though she doesn’t even know me-- who have used their perspectives to uplift, encourage and strengthen me. You are appreciated far more than you could ever know. *cough cough* Matthew. Thought I could go a whole blog post without mentioning him did you?

My friends, you carry a universe of potential! You are important, you are talented, and you are so, so loved. You are nothing short of SPECTACULAR.
2017 is going to be YOUR year, May is going to be a month of magical things, and TOMORROW is going to be AWESOME—just like you!
Can you feel it??!

Mischief Managed.

P.S. I have a LOT of favourite Storytellers, and this here is one of them. Bill Lepp is absolutely hilarious and his book on Parenting called "Muddling Through" is probably the best purchase I made at the festival this past year. Click here to read about one of my other favourite tellers: Donald Davis.

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