Marvel the Wonder Corgi


Remember how I said that the Great Move has been up to some serious good? I'm about to introduce one of those things....
[[No, he's not a stuffed animal-- that's a real puppy! We got a real life puppy!]]

This is Marvel, our little Wonder Corgi. We picked his name out clear back in November  (because.... superheroes...) when we started setting everything in stone, and then over Christmas break we ate some Baci (italian chocolate kisses) that contained this "fortune".... Coincidence? Definitely not.
[[Who better to teach pure love than a dog...?]]

That picture of baby Marvel was taken a few days after we made the 7 hour drive to go pick him up from our amazing breeder, Tammy. [[Feel free to message me for her information if you're looking for a Corgi. I would give her six out of five stars. Seriously- she's amazing!]]
Marvel was once a cute, sleepy little furry potato, but trust me, that phase didn't last long. He has more energy than probably every single puppy in the world combined, and the attention span of a goldfish, so we've had to be a bit creative when it comes to play time with this cute guy. Initially this post was to be a list of "frequently used phrases" with little Marvel, but the list was "What are you eating???!" and "NO, stop, don't chew on that!", so I didn't get very far. Instead, I hope to share five unlikely (and cheap) playthings that will take playtime with your puppy to a whole new level!

**Disclaimer-- Please keep in mind that giving your puppy a toy does NOT replace your attention. Some of the items included here could quickly become choke hazards or cause intestinal blockages if swallowed. Please play responsibly! 

I don't know why but Marvel is obsessed with them. as if they weren't already disappearing... It's also a good way to teach "fetch" as you fling it across the room and he brings it back to you for more!
[[Look at those cute furbabies!]]

Make sure the lid is on tightly, and they are in for the time of their life! It rolls easily as they chase it around, and the ridges on the lid feel good on their sore, teething mouth.
[[My boys!]]

Cover your puppy in a towel and let him wrestle his way out. It's hilarious and tuckers them out pretty quickly. You can even tie (loosely) an old t-shirt "toga" around him and watch the fun!
[[Just call him... Pupistotle.]]

I have no idea why, but my 97 cent loofah from Walmart has lasted the longest out of all of his toys so far. A loofah is especially good for the hot weather, as you can dip it in cool water or keep it in the fridge for a nice, chewy, and cool treat. Again, please pay attention because pieces of the synthetic fibers if swallowed are definitely not good for his digestive system.

This is by far the most fun and most important playtime tip of all. Puppies NEED quality time-- and lots of it-- with the people they love most! And trust me, the benefits go both ways.

I have waited a very long time for this cute little guy-- my entire lifetime! But even with preparation, having a puppy is a BIG commitment. If you or your lifestyle are not ready to give them your 110% commitment, then it's best to wait until you can. Puppies are definitely more work and time consuming than Netflix, and can be very frustrating at times. But they learn just as quickly as they grow. Teach them well, love them well, and they will love you even harder and even purer. 

Also, if you ever find yourself wondering which breed is the best breed of dog.... the answer is always a Corgi. Always.

Mischief Managed.

P.S. if you're ever having a bad day.... Here's his first bath:

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