God Loves Me, Because He Gave Me Kinder Eggs.


You guys, you guys, you guys! I had a birthday! I am now definitely old enough to put my name in the Goblet of Fire. And I'm just going to leave it at that.
But seriously, it was an amazing day filled with MANY reminders of love from all the people that I cherish and GREAT food. Seriously, I have nothing to complain about.

Except for the fact that I have been BEGGING my husband for weeks for a little black kitten to add to our family.... and he's in denial.
Please leave any advice on convincing him in the comments...

Anywho, the night before my birthday, Matthew and I went to the World Market to look at some house decor. While we were there, we just ended up in the European candy section I have no idea how, and lo and behold we saw a glorious sight. Kinder Eggs. Right there on the shelf.
They were pretty pricey, but we figured that it was an early birthday present and literally a once in a lifetime opportunity, since they are banned from the U.S. except for around Easter time.

Now, a little pause here while I give you some back story. [[you can find the original post here also]]
While I was living in Italia, I fell in love with the people there. And the chocolate. I had many amazing experiences, one of which included the bestowal of my Spirit Animal: a Chinchilla. After six months of living in Italia, I decided to treat myself with-- you guessed it-- a Kinder Egg. It had a little present sticker on the outside and said "Auguri!" which means Congratulations! and when I cracked it open, guess what was inside? Yes, a little Chinchilla- thing that was also a "Thumbs Up" stamp. It was amazing! I knew that God had somehow made that possible, as a small reminder that He was cheering His little Chinchilla on.

At my one- year mark of living in Italia, I decided to do the exact same thing. And guess what was inside? You guessed it. A little Chinchilla Thumbs Up stamper thing. Coincidence? Definitely NOT. Yet ANOTHER little reminder (among the many) that God was aware of His little girl.

Fast forward to now, as I cracked open this birthday Kinder Egg to find.... a little black cat. NO JOKE.
Remember how I've been begging and begging my husband about it? My sweet Father in Heaven was like "don't worry, Matthew, I got this.." and gave me a little black kitten.
And when I held it in my hand, Matthew said, "Hey, look at that... you got a black kitten after all."

So, my dears, if anyone was wondering if God exists and if He really is our Father and if He really does love His children.... the answer is undeniably YES to all.
He is so aware of you. And He is there. Even in the little things.

I have learned this lessons many ways, but most of all through little Kinder Eggs.

Mischief Managed.

P.S. A little "Easter Egg" for you... pun intended...
At my year and half mark of living abroad, my celebratory Kinder Egg had inside a little Panda figurine chowing on some bamboo.
Come to find out later that my future husband's Spirit Animal is.... yes, a panda.
Now tell me God isn't laughing at His cleverness! Love it!

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  1. What a sweet lesson of how God cares so much about us! Miss you and glad to see you back! and here's to hoping for more posts <3


  2. I love kinder eggs and I love this story!!! Thank you for sharing it :)