5 Things You Should Know About Rescuing Animals


Heyyyyy everybody! I have some EXCITING NEWS.
….It’s a girl!
Say hello to little miss Luna:

Luna is a rescue animal, and let me tell you: we hit the jackpot with her. She is sweeter than vanilla ice cream and purrs when she sleeps. 
But as a first-timer, there are a few important things that I’ve learned about bringing home rescue animals…

 Give them space. 
Luna was in the shelter for over four months and before that she was a stray out on the streets. She really hasn’t had a lot of human contact, or much less a home or a bed. So no matter how much I want to squeeze and snuggle her, I have to remember to take it slow. We're still earning her trust back after taking a trip to the vet... Sorry girl. 

Sometimes, I have to just leave her be. She’s going to adjust on her own time and that’s totally okay. Which means I have to….

Be patient. 
She has wounds that still have yet to heal. And little by little, I must earn her trust, which sometimes looks like this: 

If she isn’t ready to cuddle in your lap, then pet her softly on the floor beside you. If she wakes you up multiple times during the night because she’s scared, then sit there and sing to her until she calms down. For the first few days, your life revolves around her, and it will pay off. I promise. Which means it necessary to…

Smother them with love. 
It takes a lot of love and affection to get them to open up. Use warm, friendly tones in your voice, pet them softly, and tell them you love them often.

Be genuine about it, they can tell. But be sure to…

Set boundaries. 
Even though you spoil them, it’s definitely okay to set boundaries. When Luna is anxious, she gets snippy. But gentle, firm reminders of “NO biting” are helping her and she has improved so much already. Day One is definitely the roughest day, but day by day they will warm up. They will remember that you rescued them. And they will love you and show you that they love you unconditionally. Which means that I must…

Be committed. 
Once you bring them home, they’re family now. And rain or shine, you have to take care of them. Owning a pet should NEVER be an impulse decision. This decision has been in the works for us for the past few months. When we heard that our local shelter was having a free cat adoption Friday, we decided that it was time. Luna stole my heart at first glance with those big turquoise eyes, and after about two hours of tenderly coaxing her to come close to me, she purred when I told her “I promise to love you if you promise to love me back”. And I knew from that moment that she was the one. She is a part of our family now, and she will be for the rest of our lives. Wherever life takes us, she’ll definitely be coming along.

Rescuing is SO worth it. Luna is shining brighter every single day. And she’s slowly but surely proving her love for us. The other night when I awoke to a nightmare, I found her there at my side with those big glass eyes, purring and reassuring me that everything was okay.
And also, she killed a spider this morning. So she’s basically my hero.

The point is, if you love an animal with your whole heart, they will return that love even more so. Always.

On a side note, I’m re-reading these tips and thinking “those are great tips for dealing with anxiety, too”. Hmm. Little miss Luna is teaching me things already.

Do you have any animal parenting tips? Share your wisdom in the comments below!

Mischief Managed.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Luna is utterly beautiful - and how adorable she purrs when she sleeps! Giving them space sounds like very good advice; my aunt took in a couple of rescue cats and it took about a year and a half before they felt fully comfortable and able to trust her. Again, she's beautiful! :)


    1. Thank you Gabrielle! You are always such a sweetheart xX

  2. Luna is so adorable. I like going to the animal shelter but I always want to take a kitty home with me(I can't though).One year, my family fostered a couple dogs for a few weeks during the winter so they had a warm place to sleep for awhile. We even helped a shelter dog give birth to a litter of puppies. We do what we can to help. Great tips, most of the rescued animals have been through a lot of struggles so they need the extra care.

    1. Thank you my dear! That is so sweet of your family to take care of those dogs. I'm sure you will forever be in their hearts for that kind deed <3

  3. Ahhhh Luna is adorable!!! I have always been a cat person and have always preferred them to dogs, but my dad never allowed them. Even my mom especially since she's a clean freak, but she was more open to having pets. A year after my dad passed away though, my mom wanted to get a dog so we went to a shelter and found my love, Aristotle (a rat terrier/Maltese mix). We got a Morkie a few months later, but through a breeder. It's not as ideal as adopting like we did with Aris, but our Flora (the Morkie) showers us with so much love, affection and laughs! Then there's Natasha, my mom's boyfriend's Greyhound mix, who is so sweet and gentle. This is a wonderful post <3 and Luna is super gorgeous, I can't stop gushing about her.


    1. Thank you my dear! She is perfect for our cute little apartment at this point in our lives, but you better believe that we'll be getting some dogs in the future! I LOVE that your pups name is Aristotle!!! <3 aren't pets just the greatest??! Seriously, the best therapy.

  4. She's such a cutie! These are great tips! We rescued our dog 6 years ago and he definitely had an adjustment period. He's like my baby now, though! :)

    1. yay! that's so good to hear! I just hope she gets over her adjustment period soon... my arms can't take much more of this.. haha thanks for stopping by!

  5. Aw she's so pretty!!! I really want to get a rescue dog but we couldn't take care of one right now so we can't :(

    1. All in good timing, right? We wanted a dog as well, but a cat better fits our needs (and our teeny apartment) for the time being. One day... Xx

  6. Aww I loved this post! I think adapting an animal from a rescue centre is one of the nicest things ever. I used to have a cat who was sort of a stray (the original owners weren't feeding him), and I grew up and learned so much from looking after him. You had to keep an eye on his mood though, if he looked grumpy then he wasn't in the mood to play. However, if he was bouncing everywhere then he was more than happy! :)

    Velvet Blush

    1. Ain't that the truth... my little kitty is the same way.. and I guess I am the same way too... watch out when I'm grumpy ;) haha thanks for reading girl!