Things I Want to Learn


I love to learn. I mean, I am the kind of person that reads an anatomy textbook for fun. [[I also recently went through an “apocalypse” phase in which I learned all about edible plants, how to build shelters, and emergency situations, but that's besides the point.]]

Here are just a few of the many things that I’d currently like to learn more about:

erm… I guess I should say cursive writing, I suppose. My handwriting is quite unique, but I am in dire need of a touch up in cursive. It currently resembles that of a fourth grader.
But I'm getting a little better the more I practice...

My husband gave me an amazing camera! So now I finally have the tools I need to pursue creative photography. Partly to improve the quality of the blog, but mostly for preserving memories. The world is just so beautiful, it’s hard to find a camera that can keep up!

Interior Design
Blame this on Fixer Upper, but I would love to learn how to lay tile (like their trademark backsplash shown below), how to remove popcorn ceilings, refinish furniture, etc.
Thanks to some interior design classes and competitions, I’ve developed a knack for painting and design in general, but furthering these skills would be a blast! And super beneficial for my future home. Maybe we can lump in architecture to this category because designing floor plans is just fascinating to me.

How to Tie a Knot in a Cherry Stem
I have always wanted to master this... Oh well, practice makes perfect. It's just not fair that Matthew can do it and I can't!

The world is just so exciting! There is always something new to learn, see, or do. Sometimes I just want to learn everything all at once. Imagine like a Willy Wonka style chewing gum, where you could just pop it in your mouth and master a skill or topic. Mm, yoga flavoured. 
But then again, the blood, sweat, and tears teach us strength, patience, and diligence. Which in turn helps us really appreciate the value of the skill once we've conquered it. And who doesn't love the taste of passion as we pursue the "impossible"?

Step by step, we learn and grow. And that's the way it's meant to be.

What new skills/topics would you like to explore?

Mischief Managed.


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  1. That is so awesome. I wish that I was disciplined enough to sit down and learn specific things. I LOVED anatomy and I kept all of the medical books from it because I wanted to actually read them and learn, but I haven't. I think that I should physically write down the things I want to learn like you did so that I'm actually more motivated to do it. Thanks for inspiring me ;)

    1. Wasn't it Benjamin Franklin who said "a goal isn't a goal until it's written down?" so maybe he's the inspiration here ;) but thank you! you're always such a sweetheart! xX

  2. Photography and calligraphy are also the two things I want to learn right now, and they would also definitely help me in my career as a designer

    1. You're also insanely creative, so those two shouldn't be too difficult for you :) thanks for reading! xX

  3. I'd imagine learning calligraphy would be an incredible experience - I've always admired how graceful the strokes look! Have fun learning your way around your new camera by the way, what a lovely gift from your husband :)

    1. he is definitely a sweetheart :) and so are you Gabrielle! xX thanks for stopping by!

  4. Aww I loved how positive this post was :) there definitely is so much to learn in this world. Sometimes it all even seems too much... Especially at uni I felt like I should know everything... but that's not possible. :D
    I would love to learn more photography too <3
    Emma xxx

    1. Aw, thank you my dear! College does have a way of loading the world on our shoulders... but you survived! :) thank you for reading xX

  5. I like your theory about being able to master a new skill via Willy Wonka-style chewing gum! Now that would be a good invention!

    1. wouldn't it though?? I'd invest in that for sure! xX