Ten Days


Annnnnnnd, I'm back! Sorry about the lengthy break, but it was much needed. Ten days in paradise can keep you pretty busy...

 Kicked off our vacation with a little chunk of paradise itself..

Loew's Portofino resort on Universal Studios campus...

...which was just as breathtakingly beautiful at night time.

We think we're Italian..
Ten days of laughter...

Islands of Adventure was the absolute TOP. 

Frozen Butterbeer is always the way to go.

Ten days of adventure...

Pumpkin pasties from Honeydukes. Super win!

I secretly love TRex's.

My first time in Diagon Alley... Jaw dropping.

"The Adventure Lives On." Cheers, Universal. You have my heart.

Next stop.... Disneyworld!

Ten days of magical moments...

Lunch at little Italia in Epcot... Mm mm. 

Hollywood Studios is always a blast!

This is our favourite ride....
Seriously, though. We love it!

Ten days of endless sunshine...

I love the Teacups! Classic.

You make me believe in magic.

Off to new galaxies...

Ten days of pictures... Sorry for the overload, this is about 1/4th of the total amount of photos I snapped...

Animal Kingdom is always full of adventure! Look at that tiger!

^^this is made out of SAND. can you believe that??

Disneybounding as Eric and his princess...
My shirt says "Mermaids have more fun".
It's true, though.

Thank you, Matthew, for bringing magic to my very soul.
Also, Disney, you are pretty magical too.

Ten days of Florida... 
...still has my heart.

Take me back?

Mischief Managed.

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  1. Disneyworld?! Oh my gosh, I'd love to be there right now - serious travel envy haha! You look so happy in this travel diary, it was a total pleasure to read through :)


    1. thank you Gabrielle! Talk about travel envy though... your posts lately have me dreaming of Europe! thanks so much for stopping by :) xX

  2. Oh my gosh I'm so jealous!!!!!!!!!! Mostly for the Diagon Alley portion but.....everything looks like it was so fun!

    1. uh, YES. I had already experienced the Hogsmeade portion, but Diagon Alley was all new to me! and it was drop dead AMAZING. Put it on your to-visit list for sure :) thanks for reading! xX

  3. you look so cute together :)

    I'm a blogger from Germany and love to meet new people around the world :) check out my blog and lets keep in touch & follow for follow :)

    My new short hair ?-post here

    Facebook |Bloglovin |♥Instagram | Lookbook |Google✚

    Stay Gold

    1. thank you my dear! he does make me pretty happy... ;)
      I will definitely be checking out your blog! So glad to have met you :) thank you for stopping by! xX

  4. aw thanks !!!

    I would like to follow back .can you send me a link ?

    1. you can add me by my email which is kynialikethecountry@gmail.com :) thanks so much! Love your blog! xX

  5. I've been telling my fiance how bad I've been wanting to go to Disney World, but it's on the opposite side of where I live! I live in California, and we have Disneyland, where I've been a bunch of times...but I want to experience the grandeur that is WDW! Looks like you had a blast!


    1. Disneyland is great too :) the Indiana Jones ride is my absolute favourite-- and Disneyworld doesn't have that so I'm jealous of you ;) I love Orlando though just because there is SO much to do. Disneyworld, the Universal Parks, Sea World, museums and other theme parks... it's crazy! definitely make it on your to-visit list!..... after your wedding ;) thanks for reading!! xX