Stories Are Like Water in the Desert.


Anyone who knows me, knows that I love storytelling. Of any kind. My little hometown here is known for one of the biggest storytelling events in the nation, and I’m definitely one of those all day/night goers, front row jo-ers. And proud of it.

The second happiest moment of my life was the day I was able to perform at said festival, but that is a story for another day…
See what I did there?

Allow me to introduce, Mr. Donald Davis, the legend.

Read more about him here.

 Donald has stolen my heart for years, and not just for his impeccable use of bowties. Or his southern accent. He has a way of making your cheeks ache with laughter, your jaw drop with “NO WAY”s, and your eyes water…. All at the same time.
His stories are soothing for my soul. And last night was no exception.

He started it off with this:
“Way back when I was a kid, our town library was in an old bank, and the childrens’ section was alllllll the way down the stairs in the vaults. My daddy used to tell me that they had to lock the books after closin’ time because the characters would come alive during the night and jump right off the pages! And if they weren’t back by sunrise, they’d be stuck out of their books, so they’d lock ‘em up just to be safe. But that didn’t stop the characters from having a ball down there in the dungeon, and so that’s why each time you read a book, the characters would do things that you wouldn’t remember them doing.”

Doesn’t that just warm your imagination... ?

And then he said this, and chills radiated up my entire spine.

“Stories are forever. And a legacy worth passing on to our children.”

And, Mr. Davis, I plan to.

Also, the event was held at our local library, which is basically a castle. This is what dreams are made of.  Here's to our future full of creating and discovering stories...

Mischief Managed.


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  1. OK, I love that. It's very whimsical to think about! And I am going to have to google this man or something because a good story teller is almost better than chocolate cake to me!

    1. Girl, if you're in Utah you HAVE to check out the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. Donald will be the featured teller this year. it's always such a blast! this year it will be 29 Aug - 03 Sep. <3 enjoy that chocolate cake ;)

  2. Did you know that the Provo Library or "castle" is where I went to Jr. High and High School. It was Brigham Young High School then. There were 4 our other buildings on plot, but were torn down. There was an Elementary School in the northeastern corner, and Auditorium on the Southeast corner and the Jr. High and High school in the main building and another building on the northwestern corner. I have a lot of memories of that old building. Some of my best memories I have are of the 6 years that I walked the halls of the building and all of other buildings. The Women's Gymn is still standing across the street and on the corner. I am so glad that the main building was saved and restored. It is a beautiful building.