Summer Bucketlist


Hey everyone! It's almost April which means it's almost May which means it's almost.....
"It's the most wonder-ful tiiiiiiiime ooooffff the yearrrrr!"

Look at this!

^^Amazing, right??!

This is Havasupai falls, a Native American reservation in Arizona. (click here or here for more information)
And it is totally on my summer bucket list.

Every summer while growing up I would create a "Summer Dayz" list-- with a Z-- in which I would list everything I wanted to do/accomplish during the summer.  Most of the time it consisted of books I wanted to read or things I wanted to learn. Oh, and wanting to touch my toes. 

And it's time to do it again!

So here is my summer bucketlist for 2016.. It's shorter now because well, adulting. ;)

1. discover Havasupai falls.
2. Hike the Y.
3. Go camping.
4. Run through the sprinklers and eat popsicles that turn my mouth blue.
5. Make a summer music video with my love.
6. Go on a roadtrip.
7. Go a whole day without technology.

What's on your summer bucketlist??

Mischief Managed.

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  1. I love these ideas! Thanks!!!

  2. I feel the same way about summer, it's just the happiest time of year and so every month that passes before then is brilliant haha! Those waterfall images are amazing, I can see why it's on your bucket list :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. so glad I'm not the only one that craves summer.. bring on the adventures! thanks for reading xx

  3. Ah I love a good summer bucket list, though I feel like making one for every season would be perfect. I love hiking as well, and there's nothing better than a good road trip :)

    1. You're absolutely right-- there are adventures to be had all year 'round! Love it. Thanks for the reminder :) and thank you for reading! xX