How to Change Your Life.


Heyyyyy everybody!
I recently stumbled across this article on Huffington post the other day, and decided to give it a go. It is about creating a personal success mantra, or in other words: a short, simple, powerful phrase that can help you re-create your paradigm. Your paradigm is your "foundation" so to speak of who you are and why you do the things you do, such as facing or overcoming hard things or even your day to day personality. So, in tandem, a success mantra is a positive motivational phrase to empower you or re-create your mental foundation.

In a nutshell, there are three simple steps to creating a personal mantra.

First, Step #1: Think of your top three accomplishments from last year. How did you accomplish them? Why was it important to you? And from that, you can draw your underlying paradigm.

I will share one of my examples which should be just enough to help illustrate the concept!
My accomplishment: I took the year to focus on my physical health. Aka, I was very sick and had multiple surgeries, medications and procedures, but I tried to keep smiling all the way through.
How I made it happen: I was dutiful in taking all the many medications, taking adequate time to rest and recover, and as an added bonus I had a lovely boyfriend to help me recover.
My underlying paradigm: a healthy body will help me conquer life. I can take time for myself to heal; I deserve to be happy.

Next, Step #2: Think of three disappointments from last year, and what you've learned about how they could be turned into successes. Why did it happen? What can you do differently? What can be your new paradigm?

My disappointment: I didn't save as much money as I wanted to.
Why it happened: impulsive purchases, too many sick days off of work, and not following a budget.
My new paradigm (remember-- be positive!): I follow a budget consciously and will feel safe with a growing savings account. I am capable of financial success.

Finally, Step #3: Choose the most simple, most powerful, most personal phrase from numbers one or two. Make sure this phrase will help you focus on your big picture goals and uplift you to be a better version of you!

I chose a variation of the two: I am valued and deserve happiness.
Simple, powerful and fundamental to my belief in myself and my abilities, which in turn will really impact every aspect of my life, so.... win-win!

Here is my poster to be hung on my refrigerator. (I added the crown to further emphasize the point ;))
You can make your own word cloud here.

Now that you've created your mantra, post it in a place where you can see it often, such as your bathroom mirror or your desk at work (if it's not too personal). Remind yourself often when you feel yourself becoming discouraged or when you lack belief in your focus or ability. Positive self-empowerment is the key to success, right? Anything is possible if you just believe!

Friends, remember. You are powerful. You control your destiny. You are STRONG. You are cherished. You are loved.

Here's to making 2016 our best year!

Mischief Managed.

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