When was the last time you did something for the first time?


Heyyyy errybody! Hope you are enjoying the Holiday season <3

A couple of weeks ago, I hopped on a plane to Panama City, where I spent a glorious eight days with my fiancé and his wonderful family. During each of those eight days, I was treated to the beauty of Panama City and did SO many things for the first time. And it was EXCITING.

^^and his sweet mother made the room so beautiful to welcome me to the family.

So here is just a taste of my adventures there.... My list of Panama City "Firsts":

Rode a plane with my fiancé , with only a carry on. [[don't worry, I couldn't fit all of my toiletries in one 8 oz bag as per the airline regulations... and so my love carried half in his duffle for me. <3 Gotta have that doTERRA. ]]
Stepped foot in Atlanta. [[home of the Walking Dead... eep!]]
Drove down a strip of land between the Gulf and the Bay.
Gorged on Chilaquiles for breakfast... with the BEST homemade salsa. Mm.

Skipped through the white sands of St. Andrews beach and climbed the Jetties.. in a dress.
 [[But you can see more of those pictures here.]]

Took the drive to Wakulla Springs.. and went on a real life Riverboat ride. Saw everything from manatees, to alligators and little blue herons.


Picked lemons off of a lemon tree. [[anyone who knows me knows this is a huge deal--I am obsessed!]]
Endulged in Mamita's cinnamon pizza bites. with so much butter.
Braved Black Friday shopping at Destin. [[and survived]]
Went to a fish market [[a whole new world....]]

Ate Scamp for the first time and fresh shrimp.
Learned how to shell and de-vein said shrimp. Mm.
Ate strawberry pie... and loved it.
Finally ate Chicken and Dumplins... and then ate some more.
Drank Mate with tupelo honey. [[Thank goodness my future father in law is a tea drinker as well!]]
Saw-- with my own eyes-- a pelican dive in to catch a fish.
Cherished Panama City beach. Chased the waves for days..

Shared many salty, sandy  kisses with my true love.
Experienced in full glory my first southern thanksgiving: homemade dressin' [[I'd compare it to stuffing, but that's a sin]], sweet potato casserole [[so good]], butterbeans [[lima beans]],  homemade cornbread, and homemade pecan pie.

I repeat-- homemade Pecan Pie made by Grandma. I'm still having dreams about it.

Found a crab shell and bits of sand dollars along the beach.
Swam out to the sand bar and stood in the middle of the ocean!
Then made a snowman out of sand.

Went to the beach at the end of NOVEMBER.

[[Dad, don't read this]] Kissed under a Full Moon on the beach. Like. a. freaking. fairy tale.

Perused the shops and tasted dark chocolate flavoured balsamic and coconut olive oil with bread.
Got a front row seat at a beach wedding. [[we were literally sunbathing and the Preacher walked up and they said their vows. Congratulations! ]]
Touched a jelly fish. by accident.
Watched in awe as a big jelly fish washed up on shore.
Ate at the Shrimp Boat [[which in my opinion looked exactly like Tiana's dream restaurant.]]
Saw Mockingjay. [[Finnick....]]
Snuggled with some Dachshunds... and discovered I'm allergic. [[But I snuggled them some more anyways.]]

And finally, ate frozen yogurt for dinner. for DINNER.

SO much fun. I cannot wait for my next "First" of becoming a Gainer.

Now, returning to freezing cold Utah where it's snowing like none other, it's my fiancé's turn to experience a few 'firsts': like driving in the snow, having a snow ball fight, even seeing a snow plow or shoveling the walkway! Last night was also another night of firsts as my love was able to experience Temple Square, and I was able to experience it with HIM, so it was a "First" for me too!

"Firsts" are always more fun when we experience them together, right??

Just last week even, my awesome parents treated us to another first:
A big heaping bowl of Pho. (like I need another food addiction..)

[[the BOMB. Thanks guys.]]

The point is that life can be SO exciting when we are always trying new things. Isn't that our purpose here on Earth? To push ourselves to constantly learn and discover and... LIVE.

So, ask yourself this:
When was the last time I did something for the first time?

Food for thought.
Speaking of food, that Pecan Pie though.

Mischief Managed.

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  1. How sweet of your mother-in-law to have made up the room for your arrival and ah, the beach shot has me dreaming of summer!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  2. Bel article.Continuez à partager ces postes

  3. Great post and photos!

  4. It looks and sounds like you had a great time, lovely photos!

    Aim | www.thetracesofmythoughts.blogspot.co.uk x x