"i can't help but feeling like... they're meant for me."


A couple of weeks ago, I was watching one of my favourite Disney movies of all time Tangled.
I am notorious for bawling louder than my four year old sister at the lantern scene. I'm a goner by the time that tear starts rolling down the mighty king's cheek. This time however watching this scene, i was struck with an epiphany.
Like a great person once said, "an epiphany is a sudden realization of great truth".
of great truth. 
so, I had an epiphany.
As I watched the lanterns float up to the sky, I was struck with what they represent: love. Years and years of countless love, devotion and dedication to bring the lost princess home. A silent symbol of their love and prayers for her to find her way home.
and I started to cry.
well, let's be perfectly  honest, I was already crying.
but I started wailing at the realization that not only did Rapunzel not realize in that moment the significance of what she was seeing, but that the people of the kingdom didn't realize it either. They hadn't a clue that their lost, beloved princess was in fact watching this display of love that had never ceased year after year.
So, I am writing this post to all of my lanterns out there. To all of the people who year after year have launched prayers, love and support my way. How grateful I am for you. I am sure that in the moment, I-- like Rapunzel-- didn't fully grasp the magnitude of your love for me or the unfailing constancy of it.
And perhaps maybe, you-- like the kingdom-- don't realize the impact you were making.
I am overcome by all the love that has been shown my way not only while I was out of the country, but all through this crazy rollercoaster of a summer. I hope in some, small way, this post will be a like lantern for you, to help lift your chin when it's low. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for loving me. And thank you for unfailingly expressing that love to me year after year after year.  You may feel like just a drop in the ocean but those ripples extend far beyond your own little circumference. I know this, because you've done so for me. I have felt those waves of your love all the way across the world.
And at times, those distant lanterns were the only thing keeping my little spark alive.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
My gratitude cannot be expressed in words, so I'll just end here:

Know that you are loved so deeply. Know that you have been and continue to be a light for me. Know that you are important. 
Finally, if one wasn't enough, I had ANOTHER epiphany towards the end of this noodle of thought...
let's talk about Flynn Rider.
Without Flynn, Rapunzel never would have left her tower that fateful day. She would have never made it in time to fulfill her dream in seeing the floating lights and in a sense, she would not have discovered her divine identity.
Let's let that sink in for a moment.
Isn't that what a real man does..? He leads you to the light, helps you discover who you truly are, and helps you reach your divine potential.
I am not saying that Rapunzel needed Flynn to be royal-- remember, she was already a princess. Nor am I saying that a man will make you happy or whole, NO.
I am saying that YOU should not settle for less than a man such as this: one who uplifts you, respects you and pushes you to discover for yourself your divine potential. Princes like this exist. Don't roll your eyes. Good men exist. Have the patience to wait for them.
I'm excited to announce that I have found my prince.

And I couldn't be happier. He has shown me that I am worthy of love. He has helped me to overcome some very steep mountains. He respects me. He encourages me in every single thing he does to embrace my divine identity and reach my inherit potential. And I hope in some small way, I do the same for him.

So there you are, my Lanterns. Keep on keeping on. You have a sphere of warmth, light and influence far greater than you could ever imagine. and THAT is part of your divine identity.
So-- as the Bible puts it-- "Let your light so shine". Go light a lantern today, as you have already done for so many of the lost and lonely.

Be kind, my friends. Do  not let the world snuff out your light. Do not let your love harden because of the storm.You are loved. You are cherished. You are important.

Keep lighting the world.

Mischief Managed.


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