Week 78, January 21, 2015


Here is my last post as a missionary in Milano.  It seriously doesn’t even feel real.  It's like a really intense dream that gives me a headache when I wake up. I suppose it'll hit me when I’m on the plane.

I guess I'll just take a moment to break expectations of my glamourous face...I will look like a wreck. But I will be so happy to see you. So even if I smell like airplane, I will still SQUEEZE YOUR GUTS OUT. And try to pretend to like it. Ok.

I am excited but also super sad to leave Italia.  Cmq, we won’t think about it. Here’s some haps from the week.

Last p-day, we partied in Milano with all my best peeps. It was a blast. And I cried when we said goodbye.  

Then, we said goodbye to a member family. This is Katy, who I taught a year ago, if you remember. She was baptized after I left. It was nice to be able to see her again :) we took silly selfies.

Also, the pacco showed up. And I literally cried of joy. EVERY SINGLE THING was inside. What a huge miracle! God just takes such good care of me.

 Also, I did one last exchange with Sorella Miller in Muggio. We did some finding at piazza Trieste, for ol’ time’s sake. It was way fun to be with her again. I will miss her dearly.

These are some of my favorite members here in Milano. They fed us true Ecuadorian food as a going away party for me.  Oh. I love them.
This is the woman we found on the bus, she will be baptized on the end of Feb. We teach her in Spanish. I LOVE her.

These are Anziano Hallulli and Perkins. I will miss everything and everyone so much.

I will miss this little collega so dearly. She has been soo good to me. My Wittle Snow.

This is a family and their nonmember friend we are teaching. She is eighty two this week, so we had a little party. Who says eighty two is too old to be baptized? She is way rad.

Also, our craaaazy district. We are nuts. 
This is a family from VERCELLI that came to see me my last Sunday. It was nice to see them.  I love these little girls. :)

These are candies here called Tronky. At the end of our scambio, Miller bought some and we took 'Tronky' pics. 

So... as I pondered what to write in this last email before I go the way of the earth... I was thinking about what I’ve learned. But it is IMPOSSIBLE to even start to tell you everything I’ve learned. Because I feel as if I’ve lived a lifetime of experiences. so, real quick, I will include just a FEW of the lessons I’ve learned. And there will be plenty of time for us soon to chat and I will be able to share with you even more. 

First off, thank you for sharing in this adventure with me. We have no friends, only family. Here in the mission, in the mud, rain, and sunshine of sweet, beautiful Italia, I’ve found my family. Thank you for being with me every step of the way. Words can never express my deep gratitude for each of you.

It is time for me to start a new chapter of my life. This will be different than the last, but that’s okay, because so am I. I have grown in so many ways in these few months, and more importantly, I have grown closer to my Savior. Here are just a few things I’ve learned.....

First, repent every day. THIS is the antidote for all your worry, stress, frustration, pain and sorrow. Repent of mistakes, weaknesses, and worries, and you will feel the enabling power of the Atonement of your Savior Jesus Christ fill you to the brim.

Second, LAUGH. Life is so full of little miracles, and so, so sweet. Have un occhio rivolto alla gloria di Dio to see the little miracles He has placed in your path every day. Every day may not be 'good' but there is something good in every single day. Enjoy it.

Third, this is His work. So it will work out, don’t worry. The mission (cioe, our life) is designed for you personally by your Father. He wants you to learn and grow in the way that you can reach your eternal potential. Give your heart to Him and trust Him, He has designed this specifically for you. The mission, our mortal experience here sulla terra, is perfect, because He is our author.

And finally, tutto questo vuol dire... that He loves you. You are His child. He sees you clearly, and loves you infinitely. The ultimate purpose of the mission, and of my life, is to become His disciple, and to help others to do the same. i know this is not the end, but just the beginning of my service to the Lord. 

Just as vital as what you do, is who you ARE. I hope that the mission, and my life will be a reflection of His.

I adore each of you to the ends of the earth and back or Orem, whichever is farther. 
Arrivederci, my sweet Italia. How good you've been to me. How sacred you've become.  As I have loved and labored in your cobblestoned streets. I will miss you severely.
ma ci vediamo. 

I love you. A presto cari miei...

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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