Week 77, January 14, 2015


This week was very busy. I did two exchanges with the sisters of Bergamo. Unfortunately, I felt that it was necessary for my new young companions to come here to Milano with me. So even though I had the chance, I never got to see a lot of Bergamo, just the train station. Oh well.

The scambi went great. Both times, I was with greenies who are in their fifth week and it was really special to be able to help them, according to their individual needs. Sorry, Mom, I gave away some of the CDS you made me to one of them who is strugglin’ with the music rule... I figured you'd understand.

Last p-day, we met up with all my favorite people in Milano. I was able to see Gillespie, and I was able to arrange it so she could see her friend who was serving in Bergamo. It was awesome. Super super fun and I’d like to think that I have increased the unity in the Sorelle, which was my goal :) comunque, this is a picture of Gillespie and her two greenies, and she asked me to hop in because she considers me her trainer. So it was a 'family picture' haha
Then I took one with all my favorite companions. Except for Manzie, of course, she is all the way in Genova still. I am super blessed to know these Sorelle.
Also, we had a baptism in our church on Saturday. Not for us, for the other missionaries. But we cleaned the church and filled up the font. And took this picture in the reflecting mirror above the font.. It was fun.
Also... we built a fort. Yeah... I haven’t changed very much I guess. hahaha
Monday and yesterday, I was with Sorella Dover, from Bergamo. She is in her fifth week, and her trainer is well, a lot like mine. In fact, she has been suffering through the snow and cold of December in just a tiny little jacket.. Seriously it was like a tiny little hoodie because that’s all she had. in the MTC they told her, wait to buy one there in Italia, so she did, but her trainer hasn’t let them go out to buy one because they always run out of time on p-day, so she's just been suffering in the cold.... etc. and it broke my heart. Because Bergamo is in the MOUNTAINS and it is COLD.  It’s a lot colder than milano.  And her trainer was so afraid of wasting time that she wouldn’t take her companion to buy a coat. It seriously makes me angry. But as soon as she was telling me that, I was overcome with this feeling. I automatically knew what to do. So I gave her my coat. There was a reason that God had prompted Nadia to give me the coat when I tried to return it. There was a reason that Nadia gave me a coat from her daughter who is a little bit bigger than I am. And there is a reason that God put me in this particular spot, in a position to interact with her and love her and, so that I would be in the right place to help her in a way that He trusted that only I could do. I gave her the coat from Trieste. I knew in that moment that God had led it up to this. So that, thanks to Nadia and her big heart, I was able to bless another Sorella that was hardcore struggling.

And you know, not only was it a testimony of God is in the details but it was actually a really sweet testimony of the trust God has in me. That He did that, He lined it up so perfectly, because He knows that when it comes down to it, I have no probs handing over a coat. And when I did it, I felt so overwhelmed that He was so proud of me. And I get that same feeling whenever I think of it.
I have seen a lot of other miracles this week of the same type of thing. For example, I have been very sick for the past couple of days and the only thing I have been eating is peas. Yesterday, we went to someone’s house and she had surprised us with lunch and I was scared but she had made us pasta with... you guessed it, peas. Then, we went to a less actives house and we walked in and she was watching warm bodies and I was like 'No way! I love this show!' and we bonded instantly, talking about how funny it was, etc. there was another instance with another investigator who was singing an Imagine Dragons’ song and so I jumped in and we sang it together. These are all little examples, but even with the people we talk with on the metro, for example there was someone wearing a Gryfinndor scarf. So you can imagine how our conversation went. I ended up getting her number and an appt. for next week.

All I am saying is, is that God is in the details. He puts us in the right place and the right time, and uses us. Our strengths our weaknesses our likes our dislikes our quirks, to bless other people. As we are humble, seek to follow Him and seek to be LED by Him. This is the key.

Every day, I meet people here that REMEMBER me from over a year ago, and I know that God has put me here again to touch them and to testify to them in only a way that I can. With my mixture of loving boldness, He trusts me to say and do the things that He tells me. And for that, I am ever grateful. I hope that I can continue to be an instrument in His hands, even when I remove this tag.  I am still wearing every night to bed, by the way. Sorella Dover thought that was so rad, and she said she will do it too for the rest of her mission because she wants to learn to love her mission like I do.

Anyways, here is a picture from FHE at the church last night... please zoom up on Perkins in the back.

Also... that moment when your 67 year old investigator gives you lingerie for a going away present..... HYSTERICAL. She got me a pair of pajamas, socks, a hairbrush and these bad boys. Hahaha! I love her so much. She will be baptized in a month. :) She is the miracle that we found on the bus!
This is a selfie for you all. This is my face when I think about coming home.
I am distraught. I hope you all understand. I haven’t thought about 'the end' because I haven’t wanted to.. And now I am thinking, well, maybe I should because if I am not prepared, it will be that much more traumatic... but you know, I am happy that leaving is this hard. I am happy that I cry every single day for thinking to leave this beautiful place and these beautiful people and this beautiful language... I am happy because it means one thing....that I have given my heart, that I have given my blood, sweat, and many, many tears for this land and for this people. And I am so happy that it will be so hard to not be a missionary anymore because it means that above all else, I have given my heart to God, which was my ultimate goal of my mission.

With the companions I’ve had, I have been able to see 'dying' missionaries, and the many regrets and struggles they have with leaving. I am so happy and proud to say that I am not like that. Yes, I wish I had more time to serve the Lord and these sweet people. But I am happy that I have given my all to them,  that I have given my heart to Him and that I have seen MIRACLES.

I will forever be grateful for the mission and for the MANY lessons that I have learned, and that I am still learning. There will not be a day that goes by that I won’t think of my time here. And I am so happy to say that I have done my best. I am happy to say that God is sooooo proud of me. And I know that because i feel it.

Sending all my love to you... and my gratitude. I could NOT have made it to this point without you. And I mean that with all the sincerity in my heart.

I bear my testimony to you, as His representative, that this is His church. that He restored His priesthood autorita to us in these days, so that we could KNOW the path He has prepared for us. So that we can know how much He loves us and how much He wants us to return to Him. He has given us the things we must do. And now, it is up to us to show Him our love for Him, and do them.

I am so grateful for the mission, for all the thorns and the roses along the way... because they have brought me to KNOW my Savior. I bear testimony as His witness, that He lived for us and that He lives ancora oggi. I testify that He loves us infinitely. And that He sees us perfectly, with all our strengths and weaknesses, and He loves us because of them. And He is always there. As I took but a few steps in the garden, He was there; always there beside me. And I bring testimony that He is there for you too.
We are never alone. Angels attend us. And will guide us back to Him, as we are humble, as we use His gift of repentance, and as we seek for Him.

So, ask and He will answer. Seek and He will lead you to find it. Knock and He will open it unto you.
He has led me closer to Him in these past eighteen months, and I hope He will continue to do in the months to come. I hope I will stay here, humbly at His feet, ready and willing to do whatever He would ask of me.

I will see you soon! And in case you've forgotten, I love you. And so does Gesu.
con affetto immenso....
Sorella Carter
^^one of the last times I can do so.... I take advantage of it.
vi voglio bene!!!!
Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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  1. Anonymous17.1.15

    And so with just a week or two left I will no longer be able to read these blog posts! A bittersweet end. They were always interesting. Hope it all works out for her back here in Utah!