Week 76, January 7, 2015


So, Happy New Year everyone!  2014 was so great, and 2015 will be even better!

The sisters from Muggio stayed over... and we partied. I may have invested in some dice, glow in the dark mustaches and glow stick glasses... prepare to be dazzled.  It was a blast. We started out the night playing carter family greed. I am sorry to say that I lost terribly.  Then i taught them all how to make carbonara pasta which we ate around nine. They loved it. Then I cracked a joke and got a pic of them laughing about it.

Then we took selfies. HILARIOUS!  Seriously! The best two euro I ever spent. It was a blast.

So... we bought what I thought were poppers…but they ended up being little fireworks... so we just did ‘em anyway. Call us rebels. Haha it was way fun.

On New Year’s Day, we went to a family’s house in our ward.  They made us a BUFFET of Filipino food. It was SO GOOD. I ate real well. :)
Also... show Havyn this pasta. It’s probably the best in the world EVER.

On Friday, I got to go to Consiglio. Cioe a big fancy meeting for all the leaders in the mission. In which, we get lectured at for a million hours, told that we aren’t working hard enough, and then we got fed taco salad. yum. I mean, it was actually alright because I got to see a lot of people from my group! And we did a role play and I was the primary president! yessssssss.

Also, president used my work from Lodi as an example in front of everyone. So that felt good.

Check us out! We are so grown up now!
Look at this babe. I love her.
Also, I said goodbye to Langlois... oh man. Goodbyes suck.
Here's a few selfies of my new haircut!!!! :) You like????  I didn’t really cut it, but maybe I should...

We have been working so hard this week with lots of friends of members. Yesterday, we taught four nonmembers with a member family, and ate great food together. On Sunday, a member brought her friend to church to meet us, and now we have an appointment with her tomorrow.

Missionary work is all about the members, I'm telling ya. :)

Other than that, this week has just been busy. We’ve been working hard. Which is good but also bad because time is FLYING. And in the wee hours of the morning, it makes me sick. I am coming home so soon! :( oh man.

But also, it makes me think. I feel great. I have no regrets, and I have stayed true to myself the entire time. I am so proud of myself and I feel every day that God is too.

When I get frustrated, I remember to be grateful for all that God has given me. I am so freakin’ blessed. And He blesses me more each and every day. He is always on my side. And so are you guys. And that is literally all I need. I am so blessed. And each day, through gratitude, I learn forgiveness. I learn to forgive and just let it go when I realize all of the wonderful things God has given me to hold onto instead of these stupid negative feelings. I am so blessed. I hold onto that.


Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

P.S. This is Sorella Kynia’s mom.  Because this blog is public, I am not going to be putting the actual date that Kynia is coming home or any details about her Welcome Home talk in our local church.  If you would like to know details, email me personally and I can send you the details. suzettecarter@gmail.com.

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