Week 75, December 31, 2014


On Christmas morning, we pushed all of the couches together in the church and set up a projector and watched the Lego movie.  Check out the sweet setup!  It was one of the best Christmas mornings I’ve had in a while... super fun.

We ate Christmas lunch with a bunch of Sicilians! They were super loud and really good storytellers. I enjoyed it. Also, the lasagna was SO good. It was so so MUCH food. And so so much fun.
Then I got to Skype with my family and we had a dance party to a new song that Havyn loves called Inner Ninja.  I seriously love that song so much!

Santa brought my collega a Pikachu stocking.  So cool!
I put a lot of balloons in my comps bed to look like a body. She laughed so hard!!!
Here are some pics of the snow!!! Look Havyn it snowed!!! It's been pretty cold here too, and pretty windy. Sounds like the weather you guys have been having.

Here is Perkins posing as Joseph.

We have the sisters from Muggia staying over for a couple of days.  We pushed all the beds in to the same room, tried to make a fort but ended up just taking crazy pictures instead... it is good for all of us to kinda just decompress together and enjoy being people. These three are TOO stressed out. Time for me to shake things up :)

Miller is one of the sisters that is staying over tonight (and last night) and its super fun to be with her again. We were only comps for one week, but she will be one of my very best friends for life. I can tell. She is family to me.
Today, we took our greenies to go get kebab. First time!!! Whooo!
This is me with Sorella Carducci, who is comps with Miller right now. She is homesick... so tonight they will stay with us and I will make them all pasta and we will play greed and have fun. I am excited. We all need a little de'stress and I guess that’s what I am good at :)
Also, here is a pic of the shoes I wanted to buy this morning. I didn’t get them, because I need to think it through a little bit more. But aren’t they awesome???!
These were just fun to try on….
Also, this is my face. It’s called the stress of coming home. But look at my eyes, aren’t they just happy to see you???? Yes,  ok, super droopy and tired, but happy :)
All in all, it's been a pretty chill week. We are still trying to sort out Milano. Our map that we had was literally cut in pieces, so this week we got a new one and marked all the members and less actives. Also, the area book (the paperwork that we do as missionaries) hasn’t been done since September. So, my main focus now is to sort everything out and get a good foundation so that my sweet companion can conquer the city next transfer. She really wasn’t set up for success by her last comp. so I know I am here in Milano to set her up for success by using my skills of working hard and thoroughly. :) We are doing good work together. She speaks really good Italian and I love her to death.  We are working with two families all Italiani, which is rare for Milano. The next step is for them to come to church... which is always the hardest part.

We are working with less actives too, of course, I love it, and there is a need for it here. We have committed them all to come to church.  We will see where they stand on Sunday :)

THANK YOU for your strength and for your love.
Please know that I LOVE YOU BACK. immensamente.
I will see you in just a few.... days. oh boy.
non ci pensiamo. mi fa tristezza. mi fa gioire ma... mi mancera l'italia.
vi voglio un sacco di bene!!!!!

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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