Week 74, December 24, 2014


Thursday, I received a call from a strange number... it was Susanna from Trieste! She was in Milano to meet with the counselatore to get her visa. We were able to meet up for a quick sec. super fun to see her again. I seriously miss her and Trieste.

After I saw her, we went to get an abbondamento for the metro.  I had to get a new picture taken. It is fun to compare last years Milano picture with this years.  I don’t feel like I’ve changed much but I definitely look at least a little happier. :)
Here is a picture of the Duomo in Milano at sunset.  Isn’t it gorgeous!
On Saturday, we had the ward Christmas party (how lucky am I to have two Christmas parties this year!) In which, we performed a skit in which I wore my Christmas pajamas from Nancy and Sheron on stage and our district leader wore a Santa suit and we made everyone die of laughter and cry tears of spirituality! I wish i could send you the video... but fra poco you can see it for yourself :)
There were lots of other acts that were fantastic! Here is a picture of our wards’ best singers in gospel robes singing 'oh happy day'- they got a standing ovation and sang it a second time. The Italians love that song.
At the end of the party, the announcer asked for the missionaries to come to the stand and we're all like... what...? And they pop out these huge gifts for us!!! Full of Italian Christmas food!!! We are so freakin blessed... especially because I am broke right now. Huge blessings! I am so grateful for this ward and their good hearts.  They also gave all the primary aged kids little stuffed toys from the Disney store.
This is me lying in the pile of food from the ward.
Also, we helped with the decor. The fireplace was my doing... :)  Super, super fun time and LOTS of nonmembers friends. Hurray for missionary work! And for wearing pajamas on stage and acting in Italiano! :)

This week with going to the activity on Saturday and church on Sunday, there are a lot of people that remember me from when I was here a year ago.  They’re like 'Sorella Carter! It's so good to see you again!' and there is a family from Vercelli who moved here and they’re like ‘We’ve missed you so much.’ Also, every Thursday night is Institute in which people from COMO come down to meet together.  so basically, I got to see people from all my cities this entire week. :) It was an awesome week full of memories, and getting lost, and just... realizing how far I've come from the person I was at the start of my mission.

I have the best district in the entire world.  My district leader was with me in the MTC and there is a crazy Albanian.  Good times!
On Christmas we get to watch one movie of our choice.  So last night, we hooked up the projector in the church and we will push all the couches in and tomorrow morning we will watch the Lego Movie with the Anziani. It will be a blast! I am really stoked about it. While we were hooking it up, we accidently bumped into the BYU channel... they went into overtime, eh? Whoa!
I got 2 packages from my Grandma Pat.  I was crying a little bit. I love you. Thank you so much for all the love. Xoxo

This is me with a less active family that invited their four friends over for dinner with the missionaries. Right when we walked in the door, the Fratello said 'We are honored for your presence.' Now we have four new investigators that are coming to church. Whoot! Miracles!
I opened the packo from my mom last night... and I cried. Thank you so much for all the kind words. As hard as it is for me to read those words 'we will see you in a month', I am happy that you all miss me, because it means I am worth being missed. I miss you all too. And I am excited to see you.
My advent calendar is finished now and I am all set and ready to skype you tomorrow!!!!!! I can’t. WAIT.
But above all else, I have loved these past few weeks. From the lights, to the music, to the overall... jollity (is that a word) of the holiday spirit, the thing I love the most is talking about GESU. How grateful I am for Him and for all that He has done for me.  How grateful I am for the knowledge I have of that He is always beside me, ready to catch me. How grateful I am for the times He has caught me, and comforted me, and hugged me when no one else was near. And how grateful I am for the times He still performs miracles in my life. Cioe every single day.

I am looking forward to giving Him my gift... of finishing the mission strong and starting the real mission even stronger. It is my hope that my life can be a reflection of the love I have for Him.
Merry Christmas to you all... a presto!


Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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