Week 73, December 17, 2014


I know that this says Agenda del Missionario...but I only see one thing.... :,(

The family G! Their two daughters will be baptized next month. Yesssssss!
Here are some pics of the Christmas party on Friday. Huge thanks to the bishop of the ward. He called Pres. and that’s the reason why I got to stay for a few extra days.

I was in the front and center of the choir and so many people came to me after we sang and said 'Sorella Carter, you were the only one smiling and it just illuminated the whole stage!' Haha! Super, super nice of them. This is me and the bishop’s wife
Max. I miss all of them.
Super fun to have more days to say goodbye. I got to see everyone that I wanted to.

This is me with the bishop and his sweet family. These are my little sister and my little brother. Haha

That’s Nelli and I, a member that I think the world of.
This is Taryn, a woman who I adore. She is such a beautiful person inside and out. I severely miss her.
This is my new planner for my final transfer! There were only eight badges, but I invented a few more. One for each transfer!
We ate dinner at Max's house Sunday night. We were there until eleven thirty, oh well. I had to wake up at five to catch the early train. Probably not super smart, but you only live once. It was really good...

They came to say goodbye to me at the station... there were lots of tears.

When I got to Milano, a bobble appeared under my eye. Strange but good thing I have medicine.
Milano is super fun. Last night we played musical chairs for FHE, and it was a blast.
Then we finished up with foosball. My comp is so short that she plays it ON TIPPY TOES. Hahaha i LOVE her. :)

Also, some people remember me here, which is super great. It will be a very, very, very fast transfer. There is a LOT of work to do here in Milano, and also with the sisters. It will FLY BY. I am scared of that.

Here are pics of the house.  My mom always wants to see them.  When I got here, it was kind of a mess... so today we spent the morning de cluttering and cleaning. Now we have a better sense of what’s what and I am finally unpacked. Meno male.

Our closets are sooooo tall. So I just hung the tree up. Haha my clothes are just in the drawers below. I dunno who in the crap designed that.
It's pretty big because they used to live in four here and now there is just two. So that’s nice. It gets pretty chilly though. Hahah

Today we went to Milano, and met up with the Sorelle from Muggio, cioe Sorella Miller and her trainee Sorella Carducci. It was such a blast. I love them soooo much.

We ate some traditional Italian food from the little markets that they have around here, and it was just a good time. I am so blessed to be in this area, surrounded by these great sisters, and to have this opportunity to unite them. I plan to do the very best I can. :) The time will go by fast... because it already is... :,(  it stresses me out.

So... the real learning experience for me was two mornings ago when I boarded a train by myself and took off for my last city.... my last six weeks... my last month or so of wearing Gesu's name on my chest.  And so, for about four and a half hours sitting by myself, in the wee hours of the morning, I had time to think.  Think about everything about Trieste, about the mission, about my life, and about whom I have become. And as I stared out the small, dirty window of that train, I was hit with such a warm, fulfilling feeling of something immensely important... that I have absolutely no regrets. I have faced everything that has been thrown at me. Sometimes I didn’t have the right attitude. But eventually, I learned to deal with it. And I have fought and grown and loved in ways that I didn’t know that I could. Above all else, I have LOVED. Despite all the nasty, terrible, heartbreaking choices that humans have made, I still love them. And I have met people who I love more than my life itself. And I have tasted the love of God for ME.
Funny, how I had to travel across the sea to learn the meaning of 'I am a child of God.'  But I have learned it. And oh trust me, I have learned so much more. And I am still learning every day.

I hope the mission and the rest of the mission and the rest of my life can be a reflection of the love I have for my Padre Celeste. I am so grateful to Him... for everything. The ups, the downs, the little tender mercies, and the many, many, sweet and precious miracles that I have seen. And I am grateful to Him for you.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas... and I will talk to you VERY soon. :)

Vi voglio un sacco di bene. Buon Natale.
Mischief Managed,
_Sorella Kynia

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