Week 71, December 3, 2014


Prepare to get photo bombed. So much has happened this week... I have so many pics for you.

First, I bought a tree. A little one foot pink one. I decorated it and I think my sisters would be proud. My compie got a silver one too. Hurray for Christmas spirit!!

Wednesday to Saturday, I was in the city of Pordenone, because my companion had to go to Verona for the papers to her residency permit, and so did one of the sisters in Pordenone, so we did an exchange. I was in Pordenone with Sorella Kras.  She is from Germany, and it was a BLAST.
Pordenone has a military base, and as such, there is an American ward there so guess who got to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with AMERICANS and AMERICAN food??? This girl. I am so blessed!

Pordenone was a very cute little city. Just imagine three days of biking on the freeway in the pouring rain and you'll know how my time was.
LOVED it. My first day, we met a mother and then on Friday, we went to teach her. She is a Jehovah’s Witness who has three kids. 14, 6 and 3, all blonde. coincidence?? I think not. We taught her the plan of salvation, and she has another appointment with the sorellas for this week. I am so glad I got to meet her. She seems really solid. She loved the fact that my family was blonde too.(I showed her my My Family Booklet) and she said 'Carter, it's like you’re at home!' yeah... kind of ;) it was pretty dang cool how God plans this stuff out to the T. I know I was meant to talk to her.

These are some of the crazy Christmas pics that Kras and I took.  We decorated their apartment.  We seriously had too much fun. We did NOT want it to end. I was super happy for the time I had with her. It was fun! We had a blast together and she helped me with my German.

Do you see that table of pie? Also, someone (an angel) brought pink salad. It brought me back to you guys. God is SO good to me. It’s funny that pink salad was such a tender mercy for me during this time, but it was!

This is my selfie from this week.  I love it because I look so happy. I feel so refreshed.
We took a pic in our PJs like Christmas morning. We were getting a little excited for Christmas!
Then, when we returned late Saturday, we had thanksgiving in Trieste!!!! The elders made all the food. What champs! It was very good!!

Sunday, the elders had three baptisms. The rule is whoever has the baptism has to bring the food for the 'party' after. But, since the elders had cooked Thanksgiving dinner I quickly offered to bring food for the baptism.  When I started to cook, I realized that we had a problem.  We didn’t have much food in the house because we had been gone all week. My companion wasn’t supportive of my efforts so she didn’t let me have some of her butter so I improvised... then I went to add the flour... and I lifted the bag and felt it was depressingly light. My heart was sinking and so I said a quick prayer, I said “Padre, I just want to make them a treat for their baptism. They don’t have money and can’t bring anything and this is all we have....” then I poured the flour in and started crying as MUCH MORE flour came out than what was in the bag before I prayed. Miracle. God can do amazing things with faith. This was such a small thing of brownies, but I know He heard me and answered my prayer.

Last night in English class a student told me, “You know, if you ever feel unloved, you should hug a tree. Sometimes we just need a hug, and trees are always there!!!” I laughed a bit but then I thought... yeah, I mean, it’s true... so... I tried it.... it was nice... I guess. I can’t wait to hug you guys though. I have a feeling it will be a lot more enjoyable. Brace yo selves. I am seriously hug deprived. Haha.
And this funny story comes from Monday. We went to the post office to get my packages, it was raining, so we each took a packo and put it under our coats... well, people were staring at us weird and it was because... we look preggers. hahahahahahahahaha hilarious!

These TWO packos were from two of the loveliest women in the whole wide world. I cried a little bit. Sorry I opened them.... when I read what was on the customs declaration, I figured that you would want me to enjoy the clothes and use them... so I got a little impatient and impulsive and.... opened them and cried some more.

Who received the BEST one piece PJs in the entire UNIVERSE?? This girl. What the crap. You guys are the BEST. Thank you so much. Next week I will send a pic of me wearing them. :) They are so warm and soft. This was a huge pick me up for this week.  I am so freaking blessed.  Thank you so much, you know who you are!

This morning, we went to Venice. I convinced my comp to come with me because we were going to meet up with the other Sorelle and the other Sorelle need major tlc right now.  Anyways, we wanted to all meet in Venezia and enjoy a few hours together. Well, Venezia was flooded because the weather was so bad, and the other sisters’ train was cancelled. So we never were able to meet up... but, my comp and I had a great time. It was SO BEAUTIFUL, as always. It was super cool to see it flooded!! They set up boards in the middle of the street to walk on. It REEKED of fish. Haha paradise.

We found a cool, old, hidden museum inside a church with old Vivaldi instruments.

We found the coolest, hidden Disney store in Venice.  They were playing Nightmare Before Christmas in there.  It was so cool!

The train ride home was really long and boring. It was 3 hours, so I did some Kung Fu and some pull ups, you know, the usual set of 1000. :) The train was empty and there was no one to talk to....” Lonelyyyyyyy I'm so lonelyyyyyy.”

What would the train ride home be without a little sprinkler dance??? Shout out to my Buddy.
But seriously, we were sooooo bored.

You know you're a missionary when you see a door and you literally say 'Hey, whoa! That’s a cool door! Let’s go knock on it!'

This morning on the train, we sat next to a couple from Korea. As we pulled in to the Venezia train station, the boy goes 'WHOA.' like ten times. His jaw was on the floor he was so excited. It hit me, again, as it does every day, that I am SO LUCKY to be here. No matter how hard this has been, it has been so, so lovely. And I miss it already. I have fallen in love with Italy, and I am so grateful to have served in such a way that I gave my heart and soul to the ground and people. And I will continue to do so until the end!!!.... I just wish I had more time…..

I have been working this week about pushing out of my shell. Singing in front of people scares the crap out of me.... so this week, I sang for the primary kids in primary. I sang a Child’s Prayer in Italian. And they loved it. And in fact, the three men who got baptized chose me as chorister for their baptism because I 'have the voice of an angel.' That made me feel pretty good.

And yesterday, in Pordenone, we had a big zone meeting. In which I tried to branch out and talk to new people. I introduced myself as my FULL name, so that people know exactly which Carter I am. I ain’t got no shame :) and even though, nothing really changed, I DID!  This week, I have discovered that God can do amazing things with faith. When we are humble and we sink to our knees in search of His help, He will use that faith of our heart as strength to push past whatever is holding us back and to conquer it.

And I have come to this stunning conclusion. It is one thing to FOLLOW the Savior,but it is a whole 'nother ball game to be LED by Him. This week, I have been led by Him. I have tried to be humble and submissive and willing to give Him my whole heart. And He has blessed me. Let Him lead you! Seek Him. Open that gift that He has given you. Use His enabling Atonement to overcome whatever it may be inside yourself that is setting you back. You have no limits, only the ones you impose upon yourself. With Him, you can break those bonds. You can leap those hurdles. You can change.

In conclusion, I love you all so much. I say this all the time because you deserve a constant reminder of the strength you are to me. Thank you so much for everything you all do for me. I pray for you all, by name, every single day, multiple times a day. It is my wish, and always has been, that you receive the blessings from my measly efforts here. I love you, and I wish you the very best week. :) Has it snowed yet????

Vi voglio un sacco di bene.
Buon Natale!!!!!! (quasi) :) :)
Con amore immenso,
Mischief Managed,
_Sorella Kynia

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