Week 70, November 26, 2014


This week, we had an activity with the Young women, their first in a very long time, in which we made meatballs together and ate cookies and talked about Twilight and just had fun together. We went to the activity because we are working with a fourteen year old girl and she came with us, and she made friends and had a great time. This is a huge step because she is super shy and needs friends, as do we all. :) It was really fun.

Also, my companion out of the blue bought me a T-Rex toothbrush. Miracles abound, I think, yes!!!
Last p-day we went to the castle. The sun sets at around 4.30 though, so it was very dark. Still gorgeous though. :) Ahh, Miramare!  The castle is so beautiful.  All of the bathtubs are made out of stone, which would just be uncomfortable.

Also, after thanksgiving it's free game for Christmas so..... it’s the reappearance of you all in my closet. Hoorah for Christmas!
He is the gift!!! This video is sooo beautiful. This made me cry thinking of all of you during this Christmas season and of our Savior. So beautiful. Enjoy it. Watch it, love it, cry and post it. :) He is the Gift

Miracles happen outside the comfort zone. Not inside, outside. Guess it's a good thing I have been out of it for the past 11 transfers, eh? :)
And sights like this while hiking home from a lesson... so gorgeous Trieste. I love it here.
Here are some pictures I have taken with some of my new friends here in Trieste.

We made cupcakes!
We all know that I love Nutella like it’s nobody’s business!

This week, we met a woman on the train. We will call her F. We started talking to her about nothing in particular but she was very nice. In the end, we got her number and gave her a book of Mormon. Later in the week, we called and texted her to go pass by and see her, but she was out to dinner. She sent a text back with my name in it, apologizing. She remembered my name!  On top of the fact that she accepted a book of Mormon and wants to hear more, it was a miracle that she remembered my name. I am excited to see her again and teach her some more.  But I am more excited and proud that I have learned to reach outside of myself and talk to random strangers on a train in a Language I barely know. :) I am even more proud of myself that I have remained genuine through it all. Yes, I have lost a bit of light, but I have never become fake or false. And the people can see that. I am so proud that I have remained myself through all that I have been through. I don’t know if that makes sense it was a realization of this week. That people like talking to me, because I am real. And I am proud of that.

This is a really old building that I saw and took a quick photo of while we were out tracting. 
As we went around the corner from taking this picture, we ran into an American man from New York. He knew who we were and told us that God didn’t exist and that we were silly for believing what we do.  I told him that it's not just belief, it's a knowledge. I know that God exists and that Joseph Smith was His called prophet. (Because he went off talking about how Joseph was a charlatan.. yada yada.) It was very strange to testify in English, and very hard to hear him say such ugly things in English. It made my heart sad for him, and for his sad life so deserted of love. I pray for these kinds of people every day. So sad. In one way or another though, it was a miracle. God put us there for a reason, for how could we run into an American in the exact moment that we crossed paths? It was designed by God, I am positive. Miracle!

Yesterday, I was talking about the zombie apocalypse with an elder. I was explaining who I would choose for my zombie team of the ward and why. I was also explaining to him that if we wanted to hi-jack an airplane, we would need to have someone who knows how to fly it and what if it was out of gas... etc. It was a very deep conversation. His companion chimed in and said, “Well, it's fine because if I just have faith in God, I will receive my eternal reward.  I don’t need to fight.” Then, Anz.Santiago said something so profound. He said “But you don’t get your eternal reward by giving up.”


The fifth and final step of the gospel of Jesus Christ is enduring to the end. Why? This is because the ordinances and covenants that we've made with God, through baptism and temple attendance don’t count for anything if we give up. Likewise, baptism and going to the temple is not the finish line. Rather, it is only the door that we open to the lifelong path of discipleship and becoming more like Christ. It is through these covenants that we receive strength to go on, and that as we are faithful to them, we progress along the path to reaching our divine potential.

So, don’t give up! Keep on going even though the path is rough. Because if it the path of God, it will always be uphill because He is seeking to lead us to the safety of higher ground. Choose the road less traveled and He will bless you for your faith and devotion to Him.  And look for those zombies in your path who have given up! And help them to get refocused and find the path of eternal life!!

This is my thought that I leave with you this Thanksgiving Day.  I am grateful for you, my family. Thankful for the love and strength I receive each day through your devoted prayers for me. I am thankful for the example and foundation that you have been throughout my life. And I am thankful to God that He has put me in your path. I am truly blessed. And I am thankful for this chance to be a missionary. I am thankful for this tag that bears His name, and for the chance I have every day to testify of my gratitude for Him and all He has done for us. He has prepared the way and laid the steps that we must follow, and we are not left alone-- He will help us. I am grateful for His divine help, and for His unfailing love. I am grateful for His restored Church; the only true Church on the earth! I am grateful for the Holy Scriptures, for the book of Mormon, for the opportunity that we have each and every day to hear His word. I am grateful for the prophet, and his apostles who hold His authority. I am so grateful for His plan for me, with all the mountains and yeah, maybe a few snakes. I am grateful for repentance. I am grateful for His redeeming love.  I am grateful for my LIFE.  I am so grateful that I get to see you in just a few short days. Can you believe it???!!!
Wishing you a week full of miracles.
vi voglio immensamente bene.

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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