Week 69, November 20, 2014


This week I made cinnamon rolls. I have been craving them. They turned out SO good.!!!!!!

Also... this week, I found a sticky note in my Preach My Gospel from Sorella Miller. I FREAKING ADORE HER.
These are rewards for cleaning your house... when the senior couple comes to inspect they bring you your favorite treatssssss!!!!!! Yay for grandparents who live on the American military base in Pordenone!!!! :) Do you see this face of contentment??????!

We had a few meals with members and their friends this week.. Super cool. We are doing lots of great work, with the members at the center of it. This is the way it should be.

This is E, she is a member who just moved here from Spain.  I adore her, she is such a cutie.

This is G, my other new best friend. She taught me how to draw on the whiteboard. Haha. She is three and speaks better than I do! Haha
It's beginning to look a lot like...... not Christmas because Christmas is in December and we all know what comes after that.... eep... I am in denial…
The best part of my week was yesterday at the conference. It was way fun and I learned a lot. Elder Fingerle of the seventy came to speak. He spoke of technology and how it can help us with our work. He showed us Facebook and family search and how to use them to share the gospel.... and then, he said, Italia is not cleared yet for internet, but when you are, we will let you know.  Super bummer!  The whole room just.... deflated after that.

He also talked about the Great Britain cycling team manager, a guy named Dave. Dave looked at the team and wanted to win the Tour de France... so he tackled his goal with a theory call the one percent marginal gain. It means to examine all the little things... like for example, he bought his teammates special mattresses and pillows that had been thoroughly tested, he filtered the air in their hotel rooms, he tested for the best massage gel, and he even removed the seams in their clothing. The goal was within five years to win the race, but the team won the Tour de France in THREE. They won again the year after. It is a good metaphor for looking at the little things, and filtering out the stuff that is unnecessary. And this one percent of more effort is maybe sometimes unnoticed, but it ALWAYS makes a difference. It was a pretty cool metaphor... until he said 'so try to set your clocks to 6:29 instead of 6:30'.  Don’t they realize that when they say things like this it makes us sad when we fail because we are human? If we expect perfection, it will never come and it makes us feel like failures when they set the wall so high. They should be showing us that the bar to reach toward is actually the rod of Iron. The bar is not above our head like this, but we are holding onto it. We just have to push forward. I wish they wouldn’t push us so hard to live the rules so strictly and reach for the higher numbers, because I feel like our purpose gets lost along the way. But anyways, I will just continue on my way, doin’ what I am doin’.  Because now I am at a particular point where I know my priorities, and I honestly couldn't care less for numbers. It is in the people where my heart is found.  I am helping my brothers and sisters strengthen their relationship with their Heavenly Father and solidify their testimonies.  I am introducing people to the concept of a loving Father in Heaven.  I believe that serving a mission allows seeds to be planted that will affect generations of people.   That is how true success should be measured. 

Something else I have learned is that it is harder to live for Christ, than to die for Him. Because it is a struggle, it is a fight every single minute of every single day. But we can do it. If we put in the effort to know Him, if we strive every day to do our nostro meglio, He will help us. His grace will engulf us and empower us. I know that because I have seen it happen.

I am glad for the mission. For this chance I have to take up the cross of Christ every day. And to fight for what I know. And I want to leave knowing that I have loved these Italiani as Christ does. That is, and always has been, my goal.  I am making great friends, eternal friends here in Italy, I am grateful for this opportunity to be here.

The conf yesterday was very fun, actually. There were about one hundred missionaries all from this part of Italia, and there were more friends there than I thought would be there. 
They made us a yummy pumpkin treat... which made me super sick but I ate it anyways. :)
Also, there is Duclos! Haha
This is Sorella Besco, who I did scambio with.  She brought me cookies :)
I saw people from my MTC Group!!!
I saw Anziano M'taua and he said 'Carter, next time I see you, it will be on the plane. I'll save you a seat.' and I cried a little bit.
Also, I saw Mallari  from Vercelli!!! Sooo fun.
This is Anziano Gainer. He's nuts.
Here is my selfie for the week.  It wasn’t supposed to be a selfie, but Anziano Guthrie doged out of the picture.  What a bum.
Annnnd the best part of conference..... I got a letter from a family in Lodi telling me how much they miss me, and inside was a note from Gillespie!!! I love her! I got a package of supplies from the office and do you know what was inside??? A note from miller! How she did that I have no idea!!!
This is a Jello salad with celery that I did NOT eat yesterday at the conference.
And there you have it, the best part of conference was little surprises from people that know me, love me and see me for who I am. I am not forgotten, even though it may feel like it some time.

We taught a lesson this morning, and this was the few from her house. Buon giorno from trieste!
Anyways, don’t know if this is making sense, I have been speaking a lot in Italian lately and so my thoughts are going back and forth, but I hope this was at least a bit enlightening. I just wanted to share a few thoughts I had from this week.

Until next week….

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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