Week 68, November 12, 2014


I finally remembered to send pictures of my apartment here in Trieste.  We have 3 “covered” porches  which makes our house even colder because the doors don’t shut properly.

We have 2 bathrooms. One with blue tile and one with brown, neither one has hot water at the moment….

On the plus side, this bathroom window leads to an elevator shaft….just like in a spy movie!

This week I made a huge batch of rice pudding, which I was hard core craving. I made it with rice milk. It’s been sustaining my upset stomach this week. :)

This is a pic of the bus on a normal day of wearing the name Jesus on your coat. No one wants to sit by you. In fact, they would rather stand. Ouch.
We had a fireside and dinner at the church with the YSAs  It was so fun!

I did an exchange with this sister this week.  Her name is Sorella Besco.  I adore her.  It was a very fun scambio.

My old companion Sorella Gillette and her family were sealed in the St. George temple this past week. So to celebrate, I bought peach juice, her favorite. And now it's my favorite! Congrats, Gillette!!
My mom emailed me today and said that my welcome home will be one day after I get home.  I guess the earlier the better.  You better not laugh at my accent...or my lack of language skills.  I am really sad that my time here in Italy is coming to an end.  But, I can’t wait to just... be Kynia again. I love Sorella Carter, but sometimes I just miss being Kynia.

Until next week.

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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