Week 65, October 22, 2014


This picture is a picture of our desk. I purchased fake cobwebs because we share a love of Halloween :) best Holiday ever!!!
This is N. She is one of my best friends that I have made here. Love her!
We had an activity of indexing!! It was super fun! The work of the Lord moves forward!
Also, we threw a surprise party for S, the one who is going to St.George in February. My comp made the cake all by herself! Haha don’t worry, we fixed it. It was great! She was so surprised!

.....oops. it’s the Carter in me, I swear.
Walking in Centro one day, we saw this man who had brought a big bucket of soap to blow giant bubbles for the kids there... it was such a tender mercy to see how such a small act of kindness brightened so many people’s day. it’s the little moments that matter most!!!
On Thursday, F came with us for the whole day. She will leave in two weeks for her mission in London, and so she wanted to do a full day with us. She had so many blisters by the end of the day, poor thing, but she loved it. She will be a fantastic missionary!!! It was sooo fun to be with her!  And yeah, we hiked up those endless stairs on the side of the mountain. Oh, Trieste.

Last week we went to an overlook of Trieste by a big old ancient catholic church. It was super foggy but still really beautiful. Trieste is just a beautiful place. I feel super blessed to be here!

Then we went inside the ancient church... weird the spirit you feel in there. But it was nice to go with the YSAs, because we all ended up bearing our testimony to each other of the truth of our church. So fun. I love them.

The preparations are almost complete for our Halloween party with the YSAs in the ward.  It will be epic!

This week I have been thinking this week of wind. Here in Trieste, everything is about the wind.  Sometimes, it is hard to stand against the wind. It blows and blows and blows and never stops. And sometimes, there are trees that get tired and they fall. So at the end, the trees that stand alone in the wind are ALWAYS stronger, because they have faced adversity with consistency, and they are physically strengthened by it. That is my first thought. That just like these trees, we must face the wind to be this strong. If the weather was always just nice and pleasant, these trees wouldn’t even be able to take the slightest breeze. God has put us here to be strong. To fight for what we believe and who we are. And so we must stand firm and face it head on. And we will be strengthened by His almighty hand.

My second thought, that it is all about the roots of the tree that determines whether or not they are strong enough to stand when the first winds come. I send you all my gratitude for giving me strong roots to rely on when the wind blow. And I send my gratitude to my Father in Heaven who has given us all instruments to strengthen our roots every day. Scriptures, prayer, Church, family prayer, family home evening, the prophets' words... we are surrounded by things that can strengthen our roots, if we use them with consistency and diligence.

I hope the wind blows in your favor. But if not, know that you do not have to face it alone. Your Padre Celeste is there. Your Savior is there. And I am there! In spirit...

I love you all and pray for you every day. May the winds be ever in your favor. Ten points to Gryffindor whoever gets that reference.

vi voglio un mondo di bene!!!

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