Week 64, October 15, 2014


We went to Venezia (It’s Venice to you Americans) last week and I am in love with that city.  The whole time we were there I was thinking of the book, The Thief Lord and how the little orphans were running through the streets of Venice.  Oh man! It was just so cool. Complete with the gondolas and everything.

Walking out from the train station, my jaw just literally dropped. And it stayed that way for probably the next five hours as we wandered those streets. It is so beautiful!!!

The word for breathtaking in Italiano is 'mozzafiato'. Or you could say 'Venezia' that would work too.

This was by far the coolest part of my week, so that is why there are so many pictures.

There have been a lot of storms these days. Last night there was a HUGE lightning storm at about 1:00 am that was so loud it shook the house and I couldn’t sleep. So, I spent maybe a half an hour or so watching the lightning and I was remembering how we used to do that in Arizona. We would just sit out on the balcony and watch the lightning dance across the sky. How great our God is! Everything is just so beautiful.

Well, that is about it for this week.  Sorry for the picture overload.  Venezia was so wonderful!

Have a wonderful week.
Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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