Week 61, September 24, 2014


Last Wednesday I went and said goodbye to Lodi.  This is my favorite piece of graffiti in Lodi. :) Can you say the story of my life....
 Sherlock Holmes cried when we said goodbye. Then he let me take a mustache picture by the painting of Vittorio Emanuele the second. yessssssssssss

Then, M and C (the people that own the internet point) threw a party for me with some members in our ward. We ate SO MUCH Peruvian food. They cried when we had to say goodbye. It was so so so sweet. And they have a baptismal date! 

Transfer circles are always fun. There are lots of goodbyes and hellos. 
Anziano Johnson is now home... what the weird. I served half of the mission with him. So strange how fast time flies.

This little beauty is doing well. I miss her. We ate burger king together before I left to go to..... TRIESTE. 

 Also #vercellireunion!!!

So, I am in Trieste now and it is such a beautiful city.  Get prepared for picture overload! 

It is so beautiful and honestly, it's a whole new world.  There are a lot less foreigners in our ward, 100 % straight Italiani. You know what; I found out that I don’t speak Italian. My comp says, 'not true,' but I beg to differ.  It's a lot different speaking with native speakers, rather than Spanish speakers... also, I spoke Spanish this week and did even know it was Spanish... uh... what language do I speak? Also, I had a member tell me that I have a Hispanic accent... oh mamma mia. auito. This will be my struggle for this transfer. The language…took me long enough, eh? ;)  To top it off, they don’t even speak Italian, they speak the dialect here called Triestino. So...I can’t understand anything.  It's been a really hard couple of days confidence wise, but I am taking this as a new opportunity to learn Italiano in the fullness! My comp studied Italian before the mission and she speaks SO well. I am looking forward to learning a lot from her. 

And... look, Dad. Trieste has it all!

Also, please note the hand rails along the side of the road. That’s for the wind. Look on Youtube 'winds of Bora' and you will see what I am living with. IT'S SO RAD.  I will love it here.

It was stake conference Saturday night. I was in Mestre which is near Venice. It is a whole new world out here away from Milano. There are a lot less foreigners and
Also, Oktoberfest has started and so sometimes we hear a remixed version of John Denver’s 'Country road, take me hooooooome, to the place i beloooooong' with the accompanying howl of drunken men in the streets. Man I miss John Denver. 

Also, this ward is fantastic. They almost all have cars and so they are giving us rides left and right. When I arrived, there was a member waiting for us at the station to pick up all our luggage and take it home for us. It was so sweet of her, I love this ward to pieces already.

That being said, it's been a rough few days. I have been feeling inadequate with the language, then a brief pity moment of 'wow, Sorella Gunnerson is a sister training leader AND training at the same time. Wouldn’t that be nice to have pres trust me that much', But now, I am back on my feet and ready to make some magic. we don’t really have a lot of investigators, nor is there a good handle on the less active situation, so I am looking forward to the next few weeks of finding work and getting everything sorted out.

My companion, Sorella Miller, is so, so sweet. She was trained by Sorella Haslem, and then, she was companions here in Trieste with Sorella Reichert. So, in summary, she already knew who I was.   She is great, and she speaks SO well. I am excited to learn a lot from her.

All in all, we are feelin’ the miracles comin’. I'm STOKED to see what the next few weeks hold for us here in the dreamland of Trieste, my little regno di giacchio. :) Just goes to show that sometimes, when you think you can’t sink any lower, God humbles you just a tad bit more, and then, as you sink, the water parts and BOOM at the bottom of that whirlpool, you find the ROCK. cioe, our Savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful for Him, because He never fails me. I hope that my life can be a reflection of my gratitude and love for Him. 

He is there for you too! So if you feel like you are sinking, it's okay, because not only is He your solid ROCK BOTTOM FOUNDATION, but He is also your lifeguard, and He walks on water. You are SAFE in His hands. So seek Him. Search Him. Live a life in His footsteps and you will have His strength to be with you. You will find Him, because He is there and He loves you.
And so do I! Wishing you all a wonderful week, full of miracles. I love you, and pray for you, daily.

vi voglio un mondo di bene.

until next week.

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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