Week 59, September 10, 2014


First of all, I wanted to follow up on MYSELF and do my own challenge from last week. So, this week, my companion and I went out of our way to make memories. 

On Thursday we built a fort. I asked her to make a T-Rex shadow. That’s not a T-Rex shadow. At least she tried. 

I did just dance in my new jacket.

While biking this week, I saw this GIANT orange spider hanging in mid air. So I SLAMMED on my brakes, and my comp drove right on past me and I screamed at my companion to stop that she had just rode right into a huge spider. She stopped and we found it on the handlebars, and I poured water from my water bottle on that sucker until he dropped off and then we sped away like mad women. IT WAS LIKE STRAIGHT FEAR. Ewww. The spiders here are somethin’ else.  So yeah, that was memorable.

On Monday, we road on a double-decker bus. We were on the top floor in the front row. It was the closest thing to a rollercoaster I’ve had in over a year! Whaaahooooooo! It was so fun. 

On Tuesday, we had zone conference. It is always a pick me up to see good buddies. Missionaries are the best!!!!

Anziano Cardullo's family is from Sicilia. When I told him that my family was from Sicilia too, he was like, “ecco perche we look like twins!” So... there you have it, Mom. You have a son.

Also, I gave the closing prayer for the zone conference.  Afterwards, a new missionary came up to me and asked me where I was from.  I told them Utah, and they were shocked.  They said my Italian was so good, they were sure that I didn’t even speak English. Wowza. Best compliment of my life.

Friday, we had a REALLY powerful lesson with M, who is SO close to baptism. She is just focusing too much on her FEAR and not enough on her FAITH. At one point, I said 'well, M you just said that to be convinced of something you have to try it out 100 percent. M... have you given 100 percent?' and she said, “Honestly... no. I have been too scared to change. I am too comfortable.” and she promised us to impegno herself to try harder.  I guess I am feelin REALLY bold these days. I basically just say what’s on my mind, I don’t hold anything back. I think am obsessed with telling people to repent. I am really surprised when I walk away and they're like, when can you come see us again?  Wow. The Spirit works wonders. 

Also, I ate a 'cake' with grapes in it. Seeds and all. Mmm. Double crunch!

On Saturday, we ate homemade pizza with a new convert. It was one of the best days I have had in a long time. I talked about harry potter with her son (he's 10) for a long time. He was trying to get me to borrow his copy of 'diario di un sciappia' book to read. (Diary of a Whimpy kid.).  Man.... temptation surrounds.

On Sunday, on the way to church, we passed a field of marshmallows. Do you see that Havyn?? Why were there giant marshmallows by my house????!

Also, on Monday, we ate the fruit of a prickly pear cactus with a fork and knife because the spindles are still attached. It was good. I know it looks crazy though but it was tasty.

This last week we were low in numbers, because all three of the people with baptismal dates aren’t going to be able to meet their dates. The husband’s situation has worsened and so for a bit of time, we have to take it easy on J and P... so we made up our own key indicators this week to report numbers. I thought it was clever.
number of people that promise to come to church..... 5
number of people that need a ride to church......21
number of bidones...... 6 (no shows)
number of testimonies born....... 16. Roughly, we lost count.
number of phone calls made to find people rides......8
number of less actives in church.....7
number of disco tecas seen......0 (ha ha…this one is dance clubs…shows we are still on track)
We really are doing great work, we just have the wrong key indicators, that's all. Someone tell Presidente! 

ti voglio bene.

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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