Week 58, September 3, 2014


Ciao tutti. First off, I love you all.

It's been a great week.  We went to Lecco today.  It is an amazing place.  Get ready for picture overload. 

Look Havyn! I saw Odette on lake Lecco!!!! ‘My friends call me speed'. I love that movie.
I made a wish for you Havyn! I wished you the best birthday EVER. Look! Lecco was celebrating your birthday!
We ate mcdonalds. mmm. :)
I purchased a new jacket because I didn’t bring one. Lecco is up north, and it started to rain... and it was freezing. Therefore, per forza, we bought matching jackets.

This is the coolest graffiti ever!

This is the river at Pavia, where I did the exchanges last week.  While I was there we visited someone in the hospital who has cancer, and sang her hymns. It was such a sweet, sad experience. 

We had a relief society activity on Friday, in which we did ZUMBA. It was a lot of fun.  I sweated so much. It made me Just-Dance TRUNKY.
It also made me think of Havyn. Now that I think about it, everything made me think of Havyn this week. Because it's her birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAVYN! Boop, like a duck.

So yes, this week I had memories of fairy dancing and pixie dust trampolines and Eskimo kisses..... along with this I was thinking a lot about motherhood. Something that I have seen that has grown within me is my desire to be a MOTHER. I am in awe with little children and their infinite potential. And us as women, we have that mantle to care for and in fact, CREATE and HOUSE their little bodies....... AH. It is so wonderful to me. I cannot wait to be a mother and to create memories with my own little humans. We are SO BLESSED TO BE WOMEN. 

But sopratutto, I have just felt a profound gratitude this week for my FAMILY, and all the wonderful memories we have. How fun it is that I am able to learn and grow together with my best friends, eh? Families truly do bring us our truest, purest joy.

And of course, I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to care for Havyn and Oaklyn while my mom and dad worked, and for the relationship and memories that I was able to create with them. A little taste of motherhood, no? It has been REALLY strange to see them grow up without me over the past few months... I doubt that I will even recognize my little Oaksie she is so big.. It makes me realize how FAST time flies. Like seriously, it flies so fast. So we have got to appreciate EACH MOMENT before it passes us by.

And enter twining that with motherhood----and to our ultimate goal DISCIPLESHIP--- we've got to APPRECIATE each and every moment before it flies away. Keep a vision of the future to keep you determined, yes, but keep your feet firmly planted in the present. Because before you know it, you will be swept away as the days go by. 'aprezzare' is the verb, 'to appreciate'. 'prezza' meaning PRIZE. PRIZE the day. Cherish it, for there will never be another TODAY. And for that.... my invite for this week is a little bit more fun.  Your mission, and you should choose to accept it, is to create ONE new memory EVERY day for a week. Write it down, even just a short little thought jotted down on a post it note. Record it or you'll miss it.  By the end of the week, sit down with your family and LAUGH. Laugh about the silly things that dad said, or something crazy that happened at work, or the funny way that Lexi took a selfie..... LAUGH together and cherish those little memories.  It’s the little things that count. 

I promise you that if you look closely, you will find those little tender mercies all around you. You will find those little miracles from God and you will see His hand in your life, because it is there. It is always consistently, beautifully there.

I leave you with my testimony of JOY. There is JOY to be found, if only we choose to look for it. 'Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you'   The most fundamental, eternal, ordained bringer of joy is THE FAMILY. apprezzare le vostre famiglie. Hold them. Cherish them. LOVE them. 

This is something that has been a struggle for me in the mission, yes, I realize that maybe I should not be preachin about something like this because heaven knows that I have a hard time with this too. But I have been practicing this, and I have been able to find the joy even in hard days when everyone bails on us and we get stranded out in another city. 

God is all omnipotent.  He will help us to succeed if only we are trying. We will begin to feel more light inside us and we will be able to develop this skill--- and any other skill for that matter-- of 'prizing' the moment, if we will just TRY. He will help us turn our weaknesses into STRENGTHS, our darkness into LIGHT, and our sorrow into JOY. I know that because I have felt that myself. I can promise it. 

Good luck this week with this new sfida! You better bet I am gonna follow up next week! Watch out!

....this email will self-destruct in five seconds.

vi voglio un sacco di bene!!!

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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