Week 57, August 27, 2014


This week we celebrated my comps 6 month in Italia anniversary!!! il tempo VOLA!!!

Also..... we found THAT. IN MY SUITCASE. Let me tell you how satisfying it is to see it DEAD.

So, one of our member’s husband’s vacation time was over, so he had to return to work, taking the car with him. That means that she and her daughter would not have a ride to church on Sundays anymore. I called people to try to fix her a ride.   The sister called me and said, “Sorella, don't worry, J will bring us in her car with P!' These are 2 of our investigators.  That’s right, J and P came to church on Sunday.  Not only did they love it, but they made so many friends, and they were willing to give rides to members in their car.  This is just what we have been praying for here in Lodi. 

Yes, those are Harry Potter books. I am going to need to buy a suitcase just to haul all of these home with me.

Haha! It’s my planner cover….in italiano!

My comp likes to take selfies when she thinks I am not looking.. Surprise! Haha

Also, my beautiful collega and I taught district meeting on Monday. Yeah. That’s right. We taught not only our district leader, but our zone leaders, the assistants to the president, and our sister training leaders. No pressure. It was awesome. We taught of the priesthood, and how we can better use our authority as missionaries. It was super powerful. We now have a new nickname in the district, 'power couple'. It was AWESOME.

Also, we taught ten less active lessons last week, in august. If that's not amazing, I don’t know what is.

All in all, it was a really great week. We work very well together.   And meno male I have her. Literally every day is a good time. meno male! :)

Once again, I am pumped with that fire of missionary work, and I finally feel like I can go forward, leaving behind all of the silly things that try to hinder me. Hurrah for Israel!

Thank you as always for the endless love and support you give me. I am infinitely grateful for you.

Some selfies for you today. LIVE, REAL ACTION SHOTS!

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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