Week 56, August 20, 2014


This week we went with some members to a paesino, which is a section of Lodi. The weather was finally sunny, and nice. We taught a few of this member’s friends and did some tracting.  I also fell in LOVE with the colors of that house. Teal door, bright orange outside.

Italy has the FLUFFIEST clouds I have ever seen. davvero. I could eat them, probably. 

I made my comp a fluffy snail out of a cotton ball... so she tried to make it fit on her pencil... :( bad idea. 

 My comp drew this of us for her planner! So cute,right???! Notice our belts, because in the mornings, I teach her karate. She will be a yellow belt by the end of this transfer. :)
This is the inside page she designed for me. Basically, we have a celestial, nerdy relationship. 
This is the cover I chose for my planner this week.  It is from the Twits book by Roald Dahl. 
I have decided this transfer to focus on my THOUGHTS and making them more positive.  This is the perfect thing to help me remember to do this.

Did you know that Lodi has a dojo for Shotokan karate? Maybe I will go there for next p-day.

My companion thinks this 'Mulan kick' is the best. I am a little rusty, it's been a while. 

Also, we may have played Quidditch INSIDE a castle.  I can cross this off my bucket list. 

Here is a selfie I took at seven fifteen in the morning. Good morning. I hope you all know that as soon as I am up out of bed, Iam thinking and wishing you well. 
I'm on a horse.  Ten points to Gryffindor whoever gets that! 
I found a hobbit door!!! Bilbo has a bap date! Haha missionary humor...


So this image is actually what I wanted to share with you most today. This is a picture of us walking in a paesino with members, visiting all of their friends. 

Aside from all the fun times, we are working hard. We see the most success with MEMBERS and not just in work with nonmembers, but mostly with LESS ACTIVES. It is interesting because here in Italy, we as Missionaries are doing the bulk of the work. We visit LOTS of less active members, most of whom would be stronger if their home teachers/ visiting teachers would care for them. I don’t say that to be whiny or to place the blame, but that is how it is. There are many reasons why: the transportation, the distance, because people get busy, and time slips away, so do people and it's much harder to get them back. But that does not mean that it is impossible. In fact, the “foolproof” solution to inactivity is FRIENDSHIP. It works miracles. I have seen it. 

And so, I would like to invite you this week, to look for ONE opportunity to lift a fallen hand, strengthen a feeble knee and to comfort a sad heart. Then, tell me about it. I want to hear about your missionary experiences and miracles because they are ALL around us. 
As always, I want to express my infinite gratitude for all of your help for lifting MY fallen hand, strengthening MY feeble knees and for always offering comfort and kindness for my sad heart. I am eternally grateful for your friendship, love and unfailing kindness for me.
Wishing you a wonderful week, piena dei miracoli! perche ci sono!!
vi voglio un SACCO (a sackfull) di bene!!!!!

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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