Week 54, August 6, 2014


 This is a land called 'Vaiano', just off of Lodi. It is so cute and quiet.

This is my district.  I love them.  We’re nuts! 

This is M. She is one of my best friends. She makes real good pineapple cake. I love her.

Here are some shenanigans from last p-day.   We met up with other Sorelle! One of which was Sorella Haslem! My companion from Lampugnano, remember? I cried when I saw her.

This is Q, She is American and studying fashion here in Milano. She is SO cool. We had a BLAST in milano together.  

Also, we ate burger king shakes.

We ate lunch with a Peruvian family! It was raw fish marinated in lemon juice, potatoes and corn nuts.  It was delicious.  Brace yo’selves.  Immma bout to make this fo you when I come home!

There was a watermelon bigger than my face!  Loved it!

We have been doing great missionary work. We have set THREE baptismal dates this week. With A, J and P.  All of them were member referrals. When we asked J to be baptized, her eyes LIT up and she giggled and said, “yeah, of course!” She was so happy. It is so beautiful because she sits and listens to us so intently and she gets so excited and is like “this just makes sense. I have been looking for this my entire life!”  I am so excited to see her faith continue to grow. She is one of the most elect people I've ever known here on my mission.

It’s pretty funny, actually because this week I have been struggling super hard. Well, really this past month has been easily one of the hardest on the mission.  And it is interesting how God lets you go just a little bit more, to the point of you think you will break, and then He unleashes the miracles. I feel so blessed for His hand in my life and for His help and His strength to endure. This is so freaking hard but it is SO worth it. 

My companion is going home tomorrow and I am staying in Lodi for one more transfer. I am strangely excited because we set THREE baptismal dates this week. So as hard and challenging as Lodi is, I am glad I get at least one more to see more miracles unfold!  My new comp will be Sorella Gillespie. I will finally be senior comp. moving up in the world!

Till next week!

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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