Week 51, July 16, 2014


Last p-day we went to Milano and ran into other Sorelle. 

It was nice to see them.  We ate at “Burger Mamma.”  It’s a super cool little place, super American.

There was a storm over the Duomo.  I thought it looked cool. 

It is beautiful inside.  Each one of those stained glass squares is a story from the life of Gesu.  So gorgeous!

Some members invited us for lunch this week, and their little six year old boy reads the scriptures so well!!! He is like the cutest thing EVER.

We had a ward party on Friday night.  The theme was country.  

The Anziano hog tied each other.  They are crazy. 
We had a great turnout at the ward party. A member from Ecuador made guacamole. I ate soooo much. It was delicious.

This is G, we are working with her on mission prep.  And, yup…I had to come all of the way to Italy to finally find someone that was shorter than me.  I love her!
These are the people that have stolen my heart here in Lodi. I love them all.

We are also working with the family that owns this internet point that I mentioned a few weeks ago. :) They LOVE our church. She is having her baby like today or tomorrow though, so that will put a hold on some things... but they will be baptized sometime in the near future.

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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