Week 50, July 9, 2014


For the fourth of July, I decorated the crap outta our house! OK... only one room... I used what I could find...we recited the pledge in Italiano, e poi, we sang the star spangled banner…like three times.   It was really LOUD and off key, and our hearts burned with that LOVE of our country. I cannot wait to be back in just a few short months. It truly is the blessed land. I love you America.  Our theme that day when talking to people was 'liberty and the liberty the gospel brings us.'  So I guess you could say, that we had a pretty good fourth of July, too.

I found a clover on the fourth. Knew that fortune was coming my way... It lied to me. 
Meno mals, I just have to look around to remember that I am blessed to be in Italy. I am obsessed with the streets here. 

We got a call on Sunday from President telling us that my companion was going to Varese to take the place of a sister that went home early.  We were devastated.  I will miss her very much! 

One of our new converts, Mr. Sherlock himself, bought us a VERY expensive bottle of Frizzante water, Pierrie, to share before she went away. I drank mine very slowly. I was very sad. Still am.

After 'enjoying' the sparkling water, we headed off to Varese. This is where my companion is being transferred; President wanted me to take her there.  In her new apartment, I found a little mini version of myself taped to the wall. I've never served in Varese, why was I on the wall? Oh…because girls are mean and the sisters that HAVE served there....well it probably wasn’t a very nice reason.  I am sad that the other people who wear my same tag treat me like this.  Shame on them! 

After I 'found myself' haha, I went to the mission office to spend the night with the Harmer's in Milano. I got to stay in their apartment and it was huge. It even had TV, which I didn’t watch.  They had little marble elephants in the walls... and very fancy furniture.  They also made roast, potatoes, carrots and fruit salad for dinner. Dinner!!! I got to eat dinner!!!!! It was sooooo good and it felt like spending a weekend with the grandparents. I loved it. I had a wonderful time, which was nice because I was real sad.

Here is a very fancy bench.  Ahhhh, via Gramsci, you treated me well.

The next morning, I had to wait for my comp to arrive and so they brought me downstairs to the office, where I literally got to spend hours in the AP's office and watch Mormon messages and bible videos on their computers. It was SO fun. But don’t tell Johnson or Tanner that I was in their office for five hours... Haha it was AWESOME.

Now I am back in Lodi with my new companion, Sorella Gillette, and we are getting ready to take over. We have got lots of work to do, so we will definitely be busy this next month. This is her last transfer, which guarantees that I will be here in Lodi for a few more months.

I have been thinking a lot this week about endurance. I have been thinking a lot about the talk “Mountains to Climb” by President Eyring.  He says that trials are just times to polish us, to refine us, and how that if we are not founded on a firm foundation, our ability to endure will crumble. I have been thinking a lot about what my foundation is. How when you take away my home, my family, my free time, my language, my hobbies, my first name... what do I have left? The answer is easy, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And THAT, my dear friends, is why I have been able to endure all the crappy things that have happened thus far. Because I AM founded on Christ, and so for that, I CAN make it through anything, no matter how hard it is or how sad I am.  I WILL go forward, because He is right beside me.  And so are all of you! Thank you SO much for all your support and love. I truly am founded on a sure foundation, with angels around me ready to catch me. Grazie di cuore!

I am wishing you all a lovely week, full of little tender mercies and miracles.
Vi voglio un sacco di bene.

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia 

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