week 49, July 2, 2014


This crazy face is for Havyn!

I may’ve been making banana bread for our less actives that came to church this week.   Miracles! But anyways, I may’ve gotten a spoon jammed in the mixer... oops... 

But in other news, gotta nice tan goin’ on!!!!

Yesterday, we taught 5 lessons. It was such a busy day.  Also, we ran into someone on the street named M, she's maybe 50 or something. She has been to Utah many times, loved temple square and even owns a CD from Motab. We gave her a Book of Mormon and will see her again next week.  

Also, we are working on the family who owns this internet point... I've a Book of Mormon in my bag for them after this email session. :)

Also, we met another man named D, who is reading the Book of Mormon now to get an answer for baptism. We are praying that he won’t leave us like everyone else seems to in this city.  This mission is hard.  We have had so many baptisms fall through with lots of tears and people not wanting to see us anymore for fear of their very catholic families.  It’s a struggle.

This week I had a little history lesson on  'Vittorio Emanuele the second' He was the first king of Italia.  He has a fantastic mustache.

This is my planner for this transfer.

This is the inside of our church. The whole thing!  This is the front door.  The church is at the top of an apartment complex.  It’s a charmed life!

We went to see Mr. Sherlock Holmes this week and what he said was such an answer to my prayer. He said 'carter, problems are a way to enrich you, because you must overcome. Sometimes you must fall in the ditch to understand.' then he said 'non tutti i mali vengono per nuocere.' Not all the bad things come to hurt you. So profound and then he said something that I will really try to fulfill this week. He said 'carter, experience life on ALL fronts. Life is a teacher. So keep learning'. 

Sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes things are out of our control. Sometimes miracles happen. Sometimes our hard work pays off.  All of these things, whether we like it or not, are part of the circle of life. They are part of our purpose here to learn, to grow, to experience, both the good and the bad.

I am grateful because once I have tasted the bad, I will ENJOY and APPRECIATE the good.
So that is my challenge for all of you this week, to ENJOY the good. Enjoy the freedom that you have in America. Enjoy the many privileges that surround you, like carpet!  Enjoy your FAMILY. Enjoy the BBQ chicken. Enjoy it! And hold tight to the one thing that will always taste good---the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I love you all and I am SO grateful for your prayers. Sending my love from lil ol Lodi. :)
Happy fourth!!! Yeahhhh 'murica. 

vi voglio TANTO bene.

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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