Week 48, June 25, 2014


Saturday, we went to see a baptism, and we ended up getting lost in the city nearby, Pavia. We almost missed the last train.  We finally made it home around 11pm.  As we were waiting though, it was so thick of mosquitoes that literally I thought of the alien on Lilo and stitch when he goes 'awww cute, they’re nestling my flesh with their noses' and then he is  COVERED IN THEM and freaks out.  Yeah, that was me.

Here is the obligatory picture of me on my bike.  It’s probably the cutest thing you have ever seen, right?!

It's raining, it's pouring.....we are so wet these days!!!! But it's okay. Last night, we biked home in like a hail storm with pebbles about the size of a marble hitting our helmets... so fun!!!
Also, the other day, we heard 'Drops of Jupiter' on the bus. Miracles! I miss Train.. and Jason Mraz.. and Linkin Park...

It's broken. The suitcase, I broke it sorry :(

The woes of summer is that all the Italiani for the entire months of summer, July and August usually, go away for Vacanza which is called 'Fierrie'. Most of them go down south to the sea and don’t return until it cools off. So, to have a little 'going away party', our investigators, took us to a nice little club and we ate pizza together. It was really fun. Such a cute little club thing by the river. Yeahhh! 

It has been really hot and humid here.  For example, Sunday, we ate lunch at a member’s house, and I brought chocolate cake, but it was so hot that it had melted on the way there.  and all day

Switching out suitcases... or maybe I will keep it and ride home in it! Surprise!!!

This is the best summer picture ever. SUMMER IS HERE!!!!

I was wondering why the flag is upside down? Did something happen?

This is the bug that I killed in our apt. I was so scared. I had NO idea what it was. I killed it so hard.

ti voglio un sacco di bene.

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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