Week 47, June 18, 2014


This week we had a zone conference and we received some instruction about the new My Family Booklets.  These booklets are to help people get started with their genealogy.  The book starts out with a page for yourself; the next page is about your parents.  There are pages to write stories about your parents.  The next page is for your grandparents, then great-grandparents.  You are to write memories, stories, and information that you want to remember and pass onto your future generations.  We have been challenged as missionaries to not only finish our personal book, but to present it to our new converts, our investigators, and members.  The goal is to get everyone involved in genealogy.  The presenter asked why genealogy was important to missionary work.  And basically the answer is that in the eternal perspective of missionary work we are uniting families.  My first reaction was, “What?!? When do we, as missionaries have time to put together a book like this?  We are so busy as it is?”  They taught us that we needed to do these books because as missionaries we needed to have an experience with the Spirit of Elijah so that we can teach it and testify of it to those we will share our books with.  When the sister said that, I was very humbled because that made sense. 

We were told in our training of a study that was performed recently that concluded that people who knew more about their families and their ancestors were better able to handle stressful situations, then people who did not know the history of their families.  I thought that was pretty insightful and amazing.

So, I sat down and started to fill out my book and as I was working on it, it dawned on me how lucky I am to have known my great grandparents personally.  As I was thinking about all of the memories that I have with them, I was overwhelmed with love because I can feel them here with me. 

These is the My Family booklets... except I took a look at the front cova and I was like 'that ain’t ma family!!!' so then I did a lil cut n paste, and then I was like ''Aaw. Thaz betta!!!' LOOK AT YOU ALL. So PROUD of my family.

We are in Milano today and we passed some street performers from New York. They are AWESOME. 'The Trouble Notes'. Look em up. It was nice to speak in English for once.. Except I discovered, I CANT. Haha they were awesome.

These are pictures from Zone Conference.  This is my zone. 
This is my companion. 
This is everyone from my group at the MTC that is here together in the Milano Zone.  It was so cool to see everyone so grown up! Except for me... and a couple of elders asked... 'Did you get shorter??' Hahaha except for in Italy... I am TALL. Yessssss.  Maybe I will never leave!

This is a picture of what I found this morning in my room, right next to my bed. I killed the crap out of them and then I literally cried because I felt bad.  The mission does weird things to me... But seriously, the bugs are so much bigger here and scarier.  It seems they are all out to get me.

'Fat boy qui' Hahahah that is my wonderful district leader on the right and Anz. Parker from my group at the mtc. We have the best district!!!!

We ate at an American place for lunch with the sister training leaders... the first time I have had BBQ sauce in a few months. It was SO GOOD.

I did splits with Sorella Mccann!! It was AWESOME. She is incredible. This was her first time on a bike. She did GREAT. 

On the way to Milano, if there is no one to talk to…we Plank! 

We are in Milano today and this is me in front of the Cathedral. 

I finally got my birthday package from my mom.  Italian mail is horrible!  This is my birthday card that my little sister picked out for me.  I laughed so hard, I probably cried a little.

Have a wonderfully full week.  Enjoy the sunshine!

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Carter

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