Week 46, June 11, 2014


Holy cow LODI IS HOT! Ugggghhh and it's SO humid. Like sweat is dripping down my face all day... and the wonderful thing about Italy is that air conditioning doesn’t exist... so we just have to suffer through it. It is going to be a LONG STICKY summer. :) Cowabunga.

We were in a different city on Friday teaching lessons and we ate lunch there.  We walked into this bakery and there was a Romanian woman working behind the counter.  She asked us if we were missionaries and we told her that we were.  She said that she was Pentecostal and that they send out missionaries too.  She asked us what we wanted, and we pointed to the yummiest looking cake.  She cut us two huge pieces and when we tried to pay her she wouldn’t let us pay.  She said, “You are serving God and you don’t pay.”  We tried to give her a pass along card, and she told us, “No thanks, I have my faith, and I am happy.”  So, we didn’t get a new investigator, but we did get cake!

Today we are in Como.  I had to come back and finish the classes for my residency.  Now I am officially legal to live in Italy.  Here are some pics from today. Isn’t my companion the bomb.com?!

This is a drawing my companion did of me on her camera while we were sitting through the most boring class ever!  Isn’t she talented?  I especially LOVE the yellow booger dripping from my nose.

And here is another funny quote from this week.  I crack myself up.

My selfie is brought to you today by this yummy home grown head of lettuce that a member of our ward gave us.

I want to write a quick note of appreciation to you all. This week has been a very challenging one from working with physical problems, from drama with other missionaries, and from the hot and humid temp, it's been a struggle. BUT we have seen MANY miracles. And perhaps the biggest miracle of all, is that we are able to find the strength to get up the next day and do it again. And this is because we have wonderful people praying for us, like you. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart for all your love and support. We feel it. When we are dripping sweat while talking to people who spit at our feet, we feel it. While we are running full speed to make the train, we feel it. While we are discouraged because the people mock us, we feel it. And moreover, we feel your testimonies. We feel the TRUTH of this gospel. And in that, we find strength. In that, we find the power to move on.  So, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for everything.   Wishing you a wonderful week, full of miracles :)

vi voglio TANTISSIMO bene, i cari miei.

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Carter

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