Week 45, June 4, 2014


Last p-day we were in Milano.  We went to the Disney Store it was GORGEOUS.

I bought a new friend.  It reminds me of Havyn. 
And sometimes, you just walk out and see Spiderman takin a lil catnap.... oh, Milano. Keepin it classy.

I got some new shoes! They are sort of strange... but they keep my feet cool, so I will take it.
It’s getting HOT these days. And it’s the worst on Sundays because we have to bike 3 miles to go to church. So my lookin cute days are history.

Translation: Seek to dream. Only he who dreams can fly!

We ended the day with a dinner at McDonalds.  I have missed strawberry shakes!

So, our day Friday was crazy. We left the house at 9.30am and didn’t get home till 9.45 pm. We went to a member’s home and ate lunch with her and her daughter. After dinner, they took us around to some of their friends to introduce us, and we taught lessons. After that we went to another member daughter’s birthday party but weren’t able to teach them because they were running around preparing everything, this and that. We helped out, but eventually we had to leave to catch a bus to our next appointment. They felt bad that we couldn’t stay for dinner, so they packed us a bag full of food. We were like what the weird, but went to catch our bus. We get on and notice that this man is looking at us. My companion decides to go and talk to him.  We talk to him and realize that he was a golden investigator from the past who wanted to be baptized but then the wards split and the mission lost contact with him. He never was baptized and said that he still wanted to be. We got his number and address. We gave him a book of Mormon. We had a really spiritual conversation right there on the autobus. Then, we discover that he has just lost his job. He told us that he goes around day to day not knowing whether or not he will eat that day. We both had a STRONG impression to give him our bag of still warm stew and rice. As missionaries, we are FORBIDDEN by mission rules from giving anyone food. But we looked at each other and we knew that THIS was a prompting we had to follow. So we did and he started to cry. He thanked us but more importantly, he took his hat right off his head and began to POUR out his heart to God, in thanksgiving. We started to cry as well. It was such a sweet, tender moment and such a miracle. That God literally had prepared the way for us to meet him, at that hour, with that bag of food. 

God knows you. He knows your name. He knows your individual situation. He has a individual plan for you. He knows your strengths and your weaknesses, your likes and dislikes, your talents, your deepest desires, and He knows what you need to do to grow. Trust Him. Thank Him. He has surrounded us with so many wonderful miracles, that we can see in every minute, if we just lift our eyes to look. We are so blessed! And we were blessed that day to be an instrument in His hands, to lift and strengthen the faith of our brother.

I love being a missionary.  And I love all of you!!!! Thank you as always for your love and support. I love you to Lodi and back. By the way, Lodi means 'praises' in Italiano. Go figure.
Sing praises! We are so blessed!!!
vi voglio un sacco di bene!!!!

Mischief Managed,
_Sorella Kynia

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