Week 43, May 21, 2014


These are peeps from Como, they are a new convert family that I just fell in love with... I will miss them so much.

The next pic is all us missionaries with our ward mission leader. He was SO sad that I was leaving. I called to tell him and he was just like.... UGH. SORELLA. PERCHE!???

This is a selfie from Thursday morning before we parted ways at the train station... I miss her. 

My new companion is Sorella Manz.  She is an absolute sweetheart.  We are going to get along wonderfully.  She is in her 3rd transfer, 19, and from Price, Utah.  Our president made her the senior comp, which I don’t understand, but whatevs.  It will work out wonderfully because she is a great girl and there is a lot of work to do here! 

Sorry email is scatter brained today.  I just lost internet twice.  I am less than pleased with this internet point. Could you maybe do me a favor and Google internet points in Lodi? My comp says this is the only one, but really... if it is... I will riot. Ha ha just kidding, maybe.

This is the part I don’t like about the mission... always being dependent on something else for like, communicating with your family and not even being able to use Google to look for a better  place... Grmpf. Oh well. It will pass.

I found this in my suitcase and cried all over again. 

One of the new converts, A, is the REAL LIFE SHERLOCK HOLMES. I promise you. The dude is so INCREDIBLY INTELLIGENT. His house is full of antiques. Last night, I sat in a 12th century chair and ate Italian cherries from the south from some dead composers estate. So awesome…what the...

We tried to take a selfie in our kitchen.

The mosquitoes are out. A few days ago, we were in the bus and we hear this sound.. I’m like, whoa! Its pouring rain! We look out the window... nope... just a swarm of mosquitoes getting splattered across the bus windows.... EW. My legs are so swollen.

I was meant to live here in this city!  Dinosaur light fixtures…who knew?!?

It’s a biking city! My second day here, I sprained my leg muscle and was ordered to rest it for 24 hours. I rested it for maybe... hmm... 5. Then we went out and did work. Mom, it is so BORING being stuck in your house. Literally, as missionaries, if we are not out working, we have nothing to do like hobby wise. It’s so boring.

I have a recipe for you this week:
Spaghetti noodles.
Green pesto.
Salt and pepper
Ham or bacon. mmm. bacon.
Add any veggies that you like. Like maybe tomatoes or.. carrots or zucchini.
Mix meat and veggies and sauté a bit, cook noodles, put it all together and cook and eat. yum.

I have a hard time at internet points like this. Everyone yelling in different languages on the phone and its stinky... and the keyboard is sticky and the mouse doesn’t work.. Ah, la vita della missionaria. So classy.

While I wait for the pics to load one by one because we are in the 12th century internet point.. I will tell you about something I read this morning that hit me pretty hard. I read in first Samuel 3.10 where he says, “signore, parla. poiche il tuo servo ascolta. speak, Lord, for your servant listeneth.” I had written a cross reference into 2nd nefi 16.8, which says, “and I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, whom shall I send? Who will go for us? Then, I said, Here am I, send me.”
I love these verses, and I remember before getting my call reading that verse and just thinking, I am here, send me where you need me. I will go where you want me to go, I am in your hands. And I remember feeling that again this last week. Just feeling like I was leaving and just saying, I am here, send me where you want me to go. I will do it.

Mischief Managed
-Sorella Kynia

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