Week 42, May 14, 2014


I skyped with my family on Mother’s Day.  It was wonderful.  But, I realized why we don’t skype more with our families.  Skype is so hard for me and so wonderful at the same time.  When I finish and I go out into the real world, I realize that this is a hard thing that I am doing, and it can be kind of terrible some days.  I choose to get up in the morning, early in the morning, and once I wake up it is go, go, go all day long.  P-Days aren’t even a break for me because we schedule lessons because it’s the only time to meet with some people.  Once I go out the door for the day, I choose to talk to people that spit at my feet as I walk by, who throw food at me, who say mean things to my face and I choose to do this.  Why?  Because I love the Lord!  But, it’s hard for us to see our families that are doing so well and happy and to know that we could be there with you.  But, I am here across the world, choosing to do something that is so hard.  But, with that being said, it was awesome to see and talk to all of you.  It has literally recharged my battery and I am filled with renewed motivation keep on going and being the best missionary that I can be.  To keep working harder than ever!

Now for the big news…..

I will be leaving my sweet Como tomorrow morning for Lodi, a small branch just south of Milano. It is about an hour and a half away by train. Not too shabby! 

I am sad to be leaving Como, but I am at peace with it.  When my district leader called me and told me the news that I would be going to Lodi, I instantly felt that it was right.  This will be a good change for me.  I am sad because I have found a home here in Como, but at the same time it will be really good to keep growing and progressing.

After getting transfer news, we walked by this flower, growing so beautifully right in the middle of the concrete. As we walked by, I heard the phrase 'bloom where you are planted'. Cliche, I realize this, but still applicable. I am EXCITED for this chance to be planted in Lodi, and I will work hard and love it there. I know it is where I am supposed to be at this particular time. God has a plan for me. I am here. So send me!

This was our theme for this week. There was lots of finding time. Designed by me :) Gotta have personality...or Pokémon!

This is our relief society president. She had us over for lunch today. She said she loves me because I remind her a lot of herself when she served a mission. She is one of the strongest people I’ve ever met. After we snapped this picture she goes 'what? We could be related. We look like twins!' kind of true....right?

Said goodbye to this wonderful family yesterday, I will miss them.  They have been my family in Como. 

I will miss this lovely lady.  She is so strong and will continue to grow and progress in the gospel.   

I was just pondering the other day, of how this gospel is really centered on the family. Everything we learn, faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Spirit, and enduring to the end, they are all put together to not just help ourselves individually, but to help us to help the others. Starting with our families and that's so beautiful because really, eternal families are our highest purpose. And it's totally in our control. No matter what life throws at us, if we want an eternal family, we can have it. But we have to work for it. Because a pearl this great of a price will take some sweat and effort on our part.

No selfie from this week because I was too busy taking pictures of other people!

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Carter

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