Week 41, May 7, 2014


This week has been so much fun. We had a ward party this week.  It was a picnic in Switzerland.  It was so much fun!  The Anziani wore normal clothes. I was all for it, but we have to always match our companion..and the other Sorelle weren’t down for it. So I played volleyball in a dress! It was sooooo much fun.

We found some drapes and make capes for the little princesses.

Monday was a day of miracles.  We traveled to Milano for Zone Training.  The Zone Training we really cool.   At first, the President posted the statistics for the Zone.  The number of baptisms in the past 6 weeks for the whole zone was 4.  Half of the baptisms were Clawson’s and mine.  I know that numbers aren’t everything, but it felt good to be recognized for once.  Also, one of the Anziani got a package from home with Cadbury eggs and he shared them with me.  Miracle! Here is a picture of our District.

As we were coming home, we stopped at the home of the boy that just got baptized.  We were there to teach a lesson.  They told us that they wanted to go to the park.  We played with them and their kids for a little while at the park.  Then, we went and sat at a picnic table and taught them about the proclamation on the Family.  There was an older gentleman that was sitting close to us obviously eavesdropping on our conversation.   At one point he asked if he could join us, and he started asking us questions about our religion.  I got a book of Mormon out of my bag and I put it on the table.  The mother of the boy grabbed the book and started to teach this man about the book of Mormon and bore a very powerful testimony of the gospel.  It was very awesome to witness the transformation of this woman in the few short months I have known her.  She has developed the sweetest and strongest testimony.  I know that when I leave Como, the city will be in good hands.  This gentleman turned to me and said that he was listening to our conversation and that he could tell that I have a deep and abiding love for my Savior.  He said that directly to me, and it felt so cool, because I may not think that I am the best teacher, or missionary.  I mean, half of the time I can’t even talk, I get so tongue tied. 

We left and noticed that we had missed the bus that would take us to our next appointment.  We start walking to buy the ticket for the bus and get ready to wait for an hour until the next bus came.  All of the sudden, the bus pulls up right next to us in the middle of the road, and the doors open and the bus driver says, “hey do you missionaries need a ride?”  We told him that we did need a ride, but that we needed to buy tickets, and he was like “no problem, I will drive you down the road there and wait while you get tickets.”  It was the coolest thing ever; he had an almost full bus of people.  We talked with him about what we do as missionaries.  He is an atheist and told us that he didn’t want to hear our message, but that he wanted to help out God’s servants.  Even though, he doesn’t even believe in God.  It was such a miracle and a weird situation all rolled into one.
While we were on this 45 minute bus ride, a man started talking to us and he said that the Mormon missionary men used to come and visit his mom when she was in the hospital.  He said that they used to sing her a song, and if he sang it for us, could we tell him the name of it?  He started singing, “There is Sunshine in my Soul today.”  My comp and I just looked at each other and smiled and sang it with him on the bus.  My comp turned to the bus driver and told him that we were going to perform a concert on his bus.  It was so funny!

Selfie from today!

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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