Week 40, April 30, 2014


Last week I was in Milano doing “scambio” (splits) with the traveling sisters.  I was with Sister Acherson.  We were on a bus and started to talk with a woman from Morocco.  She was very interested in our message.  She gave us her name, number and address and set up an appointment for the sisters to come and visit with her on Saturday.  I was a little bummed that I wouldn’t be there; I would be back in Como with my companion.  On Sunday I got a phone call from Sister Acherson.  She called me to tell me that the lesson went really well and that this sister from Morocco had accepted a baptismal date for May 24th.  Also, she wanted me to know that this sister asked about me and shared with them that the only reason why she talked with us on the bus that day was because I reminded her so much of her daughter.  She asked the traveling sisters if she would be able to see me again? Talk about being in the right place at the right time!  She told me that because I was there with her on that scambio at that particular moment, this woman, this “golden investigator” has found what she had been searching for.  It was a testament to me that God had prepared the way for this meeting to happen.  This really touched my heart this past week.

The second miracle that happened this week is on Friday Clawson and I were in a park doing finding work.  We see a woman sitting on a bench a ways away from us.  I thought she looked like a sister of an investigator that we had been teaching.  We decided to go and talk to her.  It ended up not being the sister of the investigator.  At first she was a little cold, wondering why we were talking to her.  But, we persisted.  She was very obviously pregnant, and when we asked her about her baby, she broke down.  She said that she is facing a lot of challenges right now and has been sitting on this bench for 3 hours praying to God to send her a sign to give her direction in some way.  She said that she saw us looking at her and just knew that we were going to come and talk to her.  She said that she tried to stand up and her muscles wouldn’t work.  She felt like she was literally fixed to the bench.  We looked at each other and told her that God had answered her prayer that we were the answer.  We bore testimony to her that God loved her, that she was His daughter and that He listened to her when she prays.  She was crying and started telling us about her life and the situation that she is in right now.  We got a return appointment with her this week.  But, most importantly, we were able to teach her just how the gospel will bless her family.  As we were leaving, she said to us, “God bless you, you girls are angels.  There are people like me here in Como that are waiting for you, that have been praying for your message.  So, don’t ever hesitate to talk to someone and I am really glad that you talked to me today.  You have changed my life.”     

This is the hobbit door for the apartment in Milano!

I went shopping in Milano this week.  I bought some new shoes!

The hulk appeared once again... the top half at the top of my bed, and the bottom half at the bottom of my bed. HYSTERICAL. 

This is my new favorite Italian dessert. It is a cup of orzo, the 'Mormon coffee' with some cream gelato inside. Our Relief Society President introduced us to it. SO GOOD.

I found knock off Oreos a store called tiger. This is my happy face. They are so good. The mission makes you appreciate the little things.

I have been thinking a lot this week of miracles and how God literally knows it all. He knows where you will be in the exact moment you will be. He has placed people in your path that only you can touch. And in my opinion, this is NOT just for us missionaries. God knows each one of us.  And there is a potential in each one of us to be a missionary. NEVER underestimate the power inside of you. I would like to extend an invite this week to all that read this, to begin your day with a prayer each day, and ask our Padre Celeste for a missionary opportunity. I can PROMISE you that you will find it. 

My selfie for this week is brought to you by Pringles.  I found them at an old Indian store this week. We popped in for some lunch because there was a strike with the busses and we were stranded in a Paesino. mmmm. Pringles. :)

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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