Week 39, April 23, 2014


Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!!! Hitting my half way, tomorrow! Hallelujah!!! It is def bittersweet, because I still have so much to learn and still so much to do, but it is nice to finally be over that mark. Every day from here on out is less than what I have overcome. And I find strength in that. It’s been hard.

Easter was great! We spent it with the Bellofatto family. It was a good time. Easter is HUGE here, comparable to Christmas. There isn’t an Easter bunny. Everyone receives an egg with a toy inside, a giant egg like the one I sent a pic of last week. They open it in the morning and then... they eat. Lunch is huge and lasts about 5 hours. Then they just enjoy each other’s company and eat dinner around 8 pm. mostly it's just a day for the family, and food.

My selfie was taken on Easter.  It was a beautiful sunny day after such a rainy and cold week.
Clawson put a picture of a Romney Halloween mask in Sorella Fuller’s bus pass.  HYSTERICAL. We should be finding an Obama pic in Anziano Johnson's (our zone leader) bus pass here shortly.... 
I gave Clawson a huge Easter egg for Easter and it had a hulk inside. Well, sometimes the hulk gets passed around in our beds... this is what clawson found the other night.
This is my shopping trip I did yesterday. And this is why I am running out of money. It is so expensive here. Good thing I have salad and pasta already at home. I bought some soda, 2 things of floss, frozen cordon bleus (pack of 6 on sale), milk, conditioner, cereal (on sale), tuna 3.45. yikes. Raspberries, and some ringo gelato. 10 items. 30 euro. yikes. Just to illustrate for you the reason why I am short on money ;)

But other than that, our week has been great.  A less active we had dinner with last week came to church with her family on Sunday, so that was a beautiful miracle. Also, we have a new investigator; E. She is so prepared and so wonderful. She has a bap date for the middle of may, but with the way she is just soaking up the gospel, it could be sooner. She came to church already too! Usually that is the hardest part. She LOVES it. She is searching and reading diligently because she wants to know and also, she loves to share it. We are teaching her sister now, too.  It’s a miracle.

Also, speaking of miracles, a less active of 30 years that we saw yesterday talked to us about temples. Usually she doesn’t want to talk with us at all, but the past few times, something has changed. So that was a big miracle also.

Miracles happen every day and it is amazing to be able to see them happen firsthand.  As we were waiting by the stop the other day, I made eye contact with a woman who I taught my first week here in Como, and she remembered me. We started talking to find out that she is still reading the book of Mormon, it's only that she is working 3 jobs that she can’t meet with us. She said, “but I have time now, so there is a bar here, we will go there.” We went and sat at that bar and taught her the plan of salvation, which was fitting because her sister has just passed away.

It is just a testament to me that when we do our part, we can have God's promise. It is that way for everyone, not just us missionaries. It will always be that way. He never fails to keep His side of the bargain.

We are just workin workin and workin some more.  Keep reading your scriptures everyday! it is important!
vi voglio bene.

Mischief managed
--Sorella Kynia

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