Week 36, April 2, 2014


First of all transfers were this week.  I have had a sense of impending doom for the past few weeks... all for nothing. We are STAYING IN COMO. My first question was 'Is Clawson staying in Como?' and I started crying when they told me yes. She has been out over a year and hasn’t had a baptism yet and we have 3 this month.  I am so happy that she will get to see our wonderfully  awesome investigators get baptized.  And of course, it's an added bonus that I will be here as well. So blessed. We are gonna kill it for another transfer!!! 

This was a week of SO MUCH GOOD FOOD. I have gained one kilo. Yikes.

Wednesday night we had dinner with our investigatory that recently moved in with another ward member.  She is preparing to be baptized on the 19th .  We had a wonderful night with her.  We talked about how different her life is now from when we first met her and started teaching her.  She has allowed the gospel and teachings of Jesus Christ change her.  This is one of the best things about a mission!  Watching the gospel literally changing people’s lives, their   countenances and their characters is the most awesome thing to witness.
Thursday we ate liver with a new convert, from Peru. It was really good.  Then on Friday, we had Sicilian spaghetti with our relief society president, and dinner with a new convert family from Calabria.  There was so much food.  Then Monday, we had lunch with the new convert again, fried chicken Peruvian style.  We taught her to make brownies. It was hilarious. Now, I know how to make brownies from scratch, no more boxes for me, ever!   The best part of all of this food is that I helped make it.   So now I have lots of great recipes up my sleeve...

In between all of these dinners and lunches, we taught 18 lessons this last week. Call us highrollers! YEAHHHH. 

But, to get down to the essence of missionary work, it is going great. The young boy’s dad is recovering well from his neck surgery, so the 12th is looking good for the boy’s baptism.  The dad says he is recovering so fast because of the brownies we brought him.  

Also, last night, I taught Family Home Evening for our ward. I taught it of the Mormon Message 'la volonta di Dio' in English, it would be like the will of God or something close to that. It is about the currant bush. Please watch it. It will make you cry. We weren’t able to work the DVD player, but I told the story in Italian (which in and of itself is a miracle) and then bore testimony that sometimes in our life, we don’t know why things happen. But we know that our trials are for il nostro bene. And that we will grow and learn from them. The Spirit was so strong. In that moment, standing up there, a tiny little, scared American, I realized something. My mission has been so hard, so that I could be so strong and not in my own strength, but in the strength of God. Because I have leaned on Him and found that strength, it is easy for me to testify of it. Because I know it's there!!!  It was such an enlightening moment for me. Afterwards, I taught them all the game “Signs” and it was HYSTERICAL.

This is a picture of some items in a store that made me giggle. In English. I love Italia.
We moved all our beds into the same room. :) Because the other two in our apartment were having fights alot. So we are trying to make home life a bit more fun. It's worked like a charm. Sooo much fun. :)  It’s a bit bad for my back, and we are not really sleeping as much. But it’s still worth it. Something’s in life are just worth the pain you know? Like a mission. Hahaha.
I am just keeping on keeping on, and loving it. Is it hard? YES. Do I cry fairly often? YES. Am I tired all the time? YES. Am I tired of serving the Lord? NO. Do I see His hand in my life on
an hourly basis? YES. Is it worth it? YES.

For my invitation for this week, I would like to share First Thessalonians 5:11. Which says “when we seek to comfort and edify one another, we can find strength in that.” My invite for you
all is when you read the scriptures every day, pick a part out that you like. And share it, in some way, read it to someone, post it on your FB wall, write in on a post it and hang it on the front door, etc.  Use that knowledge that you are getting to uplift someone else. There is missionary work all around us, even if we are all 'active members'. I challenge you all to do this every day for one week and just see the difference that it makes. I can promise you that you will see a difference, not only in the people around you, but in yourself as well.

I will leave you with some humor....I gave Clawson a post it with the fishers of men scripture in Italian, with some Swedish fish. The day after, she says... 'But.... Sorella..I ate the fish... does that mean I eat the men too.....? MANHUNT.' Hahaha crack up.

And to finish...she likes short jokes. So when we see a small door, or small clothes, she'll be like Hey! Look! It's a carter size door!  Trust me when I say, I THINK THEY ARE HYSTERICAL.
So, imagine the other day, when I am bouncing around the house singing 'Skyfall' by Adele, and I sing the line... 'We will stand taallll.... we'll face it all, together' and she goes.. 'We will stand SHORT.' Hahahah I could not breathe for a good few minutes. So FUNNY.

And that was that for this week. I love you all. May God continue to bless and keep you safe. I love you, I pray for you, remember that God loves you, and that you are His child. I hope that all
is well. Be good, stay safe and I will talk to you next Wednesday!!! 
vi voglio bene!!!!
Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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