Week 35, March 26, 2014


WOW. What a week it's been!  On Saturday, we had a combined ward party to
celebrate a year since Como has been divided into two wards. It was a BLAST. There was lots of food, wonderful people, and great music. Also, two of the boys danced to backstreet boys and it was a good time. They also did a slideshow of the wards then and now. It was beautiful to see the growth that has happened over just a period of a few short years. The work truly is hastening! 

This is one of our ward missionaries. She is incredible. I am trying to incept the idea of a mission into her head... she would be the bomb! 

Sunday morning, we are making lunch and we hear something outside. We stepped out on the balcony to a little street band playing in the rain. Can you see the accordion is wrapped in a plastic bag?? It was so awesome and just so classic Italian. LOVE IT.

This is a picture of my district.  It is the best district ever! Notice how Pugsley is so white he just vanishes in the sunlight... hahah  In fact, the other day, something fell in the kitchen and I was like 'what was that???! It's probably a ghost!' and Clawson goes, 'Pugsley...?' HAHAHAHA. Oh man…cracks me up.

It was just another week full of miracles. Because not only did the boy we have been teaching, love our tithing lesson and want to pay more, but the other Sister we have been teaching had the same mind set. She's like...Noo! I could give like seven and it would be ok. That wonderful moment in your mission when your investigators have a problem with tithing being 'not enough.' ! Wowza. They are wonderful people. 

We have two baptisms scheduled.  The boy is going to be baptized on the 12th because his Dad had surgery and he wanted to wait until his dad was recovered so his Dad could be there.  The Sister we have been teaching is going to be baptized on the same day.  All we were working on is her moving out of the home with her boyfriend, and that happened last week.  Now they are both ready to be baptized!

Also, this past Friday, we had a lesson with a less active of 30 years. We have been slowly creating a friendship, and this last visit, BOOM. We whipped out 'io credo' by Holland and she read the WHOLE THING. She loved it. We challenged her to watch conference. AND SHE
ACCEPTED.  If that's not a miracle, I don’t know what is.

Also, we have a new investigator, A, who has a bap date for April 19th. We found her on a bus and she is so prepared.  She cried during the first vision and said, 'that is so sweet. That is really sweet.' and tomorrow, we will teach her and her son also. We are so blessed!

One bad thing happened this week: I ate bad yogurt yesterday and was house ridden... But it ended up being for a reason, because a sister in my apartment hurt her foot a few days before and had been house ridden, too. So we did a scambio and we were able to have a heart to heart last night, in which she cried to me of all her frustrations and feelings of inadequacy. I was able to build her up and comfort her, in Italiano. It felt good to help her. I know I was definitely sick for a reason.  I need to pay more attention to my yogurt though...

In other news...some funny things. This week, we press the citopheno (doorbell/intercom thing) to let us in, and the gate opens sloooowwwwly. Clawson turns to me with wide eyes and goes 'it's like the hunger games!' Hahah I was afraid to go inside. Legitimately afraid.

And for the winner of this week: Clawson: My ear is still leaking!  Me: oh no! I am sorry! Do we have any alcohol? Clawson: Sorella...  Me: well, you know, I am just like so sick of all this complaining... Hahaha easily one of my more clever moments. :) SO FUNNY.

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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