Week 34, March 19th


Last P-Day, we took the Funicolare!  Is like a tram up the mountain. We did a HARD hike up to the lighthouse. It was gorgeous. The weather wasn’t the best, it was really hazy.  It made it so we couldn’t really see much of the view. But I zoomed up on this, can you see that? There is a castle on a cloud. Also, 71 is my Collegs gremlin face. I love her.  It was soooo much fun!

Speaking of my collegs, she literally saved my life this week.  We were at the bus stop getting  ready to get on a bus, when a bug flies in my eye.  It was so gross.  I was closing my eye and I could feel it squirming around in there.  I screamed for my collegs to come and help me.  While I help open my eye, she used her fingers to get the bug out of my eye.  That is how you know that you have got a great companion.  When they will touch your eyeball and squish a bug with their bare hands to save your life.  That is why there are always 2 missionaries together, so we can have each other’s backs, and that is why I love her!  The icing on the cake of this story, is the next day, we were studying in Matthew 7:3-5 and it says to “cast out the bug of thy sisters eye”…see it’s in the scriptures too!
A ward member made me a cake for my birthday.  And…I had a Dr. Pepper left from Christmas.  So blessed!  I had a wonderful birthday!  Also, thank you so much for all of the birthday wishes.  I got a lot of e-mails and my mom sent me screen shots of all of the Facebook posts!  I felt loved.

Here is a story that illustrates Italian priorities.  On Monday, a ward member was cooking us  dinner and she put the cheese too close to the fire, and the paper wrapping caught on fire. Well, Clawson saw it (I was setting the table.. darn it) and so she grabs it and throws it in the sink real quick and the mom  goes 'mamma mia!' and the first thing she says is... 'It's okay, the cheese is still good, we can still eat it.' then she turns to Clawson and says 'you saved our lives!!!' haha.  I am obsessed with this place!

Then the day after, we were running, and I like to sing because running without music is torture. So I am singing... ‘Clawson put out the fi-ya!' like on the office.... 'Ryan started the fi-ya!' Hahaha
we make a good pair, I think.

Also, we found out just last night that a member of the ward is letting our investigator move in with her so she can be baptized.  She will be baptized the week after conference. I cried when she told us. Such a miracle!

And...for my last story. On my birthday, we were tracting and we decided to pass by a past investigator we found in the area book. We walk through this gate into this group of abandoned
apartments. We start walking and we hear scuffling around and the place looks... abandoned.  You will never believe what we found.  We didn’t find the past investigator; we found a bunch of little kids, ages like 10 to 18, living there alone. We discovered that they were all orphans. We talked to them a little bit.  It brought back to my mind the book, the Thief Lord. In that book, the kids live in an abandoned theatre in Italia... and it hit me. This is reality, that book was accurate. Kids live like this. It was a really sad, and powerful moment. We taught them all a lesson of Jesus Christ. It broke my heart to leave...

Here is my selfie for week 34.  Crazy hair day!

Mischief Managed 
_Sorella Kynia

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