Week 32, March 5, 2013


One of our investigators has a baptism date!  It is for the week of conference. BOTH his parents approved it, which is a HUGE miracle. We are working on his Dad for a baptismal date too. Unfortunately, I have this sinking feeling like I will be transferred next transfer, it is rare for someone to stay more than 3, so I will miss the baptism. Still, I am so happy that he is getting
baptized.  Wonderful things are happening here in Como.

About a year ago, something happened here in Como between the missionaries and a few ward members.  We have been trying to repair the damage from that incident.  A miracle finally happened on Sunday, we have won the Bishop’s trust again.  In fact, on Sunday, there was a baby
blessing, in which so many non-members attended. At the end of testimony meeting, the Bishop stands up to conclude and he says to the congregation, 'I am happy to see that so many of family members have accepted the invitation to come to church today for the baby blessing. With that, I would like to extend another. Listen to the missionaries. Let them teach you of the restored gospel. Because when they speak, it is like God is speaking to you and the message that they bring will change your life forever.'  It was very powerful.  We had multiple people come up to us after the meeting and ask to meet with us.

It is SO wonderful to see the ward so alive with missionary work now. It is AWESOME to see the impact that can be made when we work together. So blessed to have this ward, and so grateful for the incredible people that are here.

The other day, we were on our way to district meeting, and our bus NEVER came. We were like what the! We are going to be sooo late! Finally, a bus came but it was packed. We ended up having to sit apart because there weren’t any seats together. I sat next to a man and ended up teaching him the first vision and praying with him, da sola by myself.  He gave me his number and requested that the Anziani contact him so that he could learn more about my church.  When we got off the bus, I told my companion what had just happened and she was like no way ME TOO. And to top it off, the other Sorelle had too. THAT is the reason why we missed our first bus. It was because God had prepared FOUR people for us FOUR missionaries.

The lillest bellofatto, the 4 year old from our family that we are currently teaching, texted me. Love it! Ah, texts from four year olds...

I made a bomb cake. Not literally a bomb, it was delicious!  But….it was gone in two days. Note to self, never make a chocolate cake before the traveling sisters come for a scambio. Literally one of them ate half of it by herself. I’m sad, because it was for my comps birthday, which is today.  So, at least she got one piece eh? Haha I love her! And now we are the same age!!! :)

My comp cracks me up.  We have the same sense of humor and love to tease each other.  So the other night, she's in her bed all cuddled up and I say hey, can I turn out the light? She gets her lil mischievous grin and says, no, I still need it. I know she is teasing me, so I smirk, and turn off the light. And she yells, 'HAVE FUN BEING MARRIED TO SATAN!!!!' Hahahaha it was literally the funniest thing ever. We definitely laughed for about twenty minutes straight.  But now, writing this, I guess you would have had to be there.  Awwww, the missionary humor.

No selfie today, I woke up this morning with a huge cold sore and feel awful.  Maybe next week?

So, in somma. It’s been a GREAT week. Lots and lots of miracles, and lots and lots of hard work! Which is what the mission is all about. :)

I love you all! Wishing you another wonderful week, and I will talk to you soon. 
vi voglio tanto bene!!!

Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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