Week 30, February 19, 2014


My comp was sooo romantic this year for valentines, Aren’t you jealous.... :) She gave me a dinosaur. Eeep! I loved it.
“I'm climbin in yo windows.”  Monday was gem day, where we deep clean the house before transfers. And I had this job. Because I am really small, so I just had to climb up there. It was enjoyable. 

Also, I was on drain duty. So Brownie and I dumped baking soda down there, poured in some vinegar and then some boiling water, watched it bubble up and then... Presto! Bravissima. Look at that whirlpool. It worked like a charm. :)  It’s called Italian Drain-O.

We are still teaching, teaching, teaching, which is wonderful.  We have found some really genuine people. We are teaching three families right now, which is incredible.  They are all so close.  Pray for them, they are almost there.  Our investigator living with her boyfriend is still struggling to find work.  She said that if they can both find jobs they will get married.  Then she can be baptized.  We think her boyfriend may have found something, but the job doesn’t start for a few months

Miracles are happening here in Como every day! I am so lucky!  Look at my Collegs! I love her. We are officially together for one more transfer. I am STOKED.  

A few miracles for this week....

We went to teach our investigator that is living with her boyfriend, but she wasn’t home, which is odd because she NEVER bails on us. As we are walking away, an elderly lady starts yelling at us through her window across the street “sorelline!” she said, “come up here, first floor!”  We did. We found her on the floor, and her daughter couldn’t pick her up by herself. Lucky for me, I remember some tricks from Reids, and was able to lift her and put her safely on her bed, after checking for any injuries or anything. This was a testament to me that God put me there in that moment, to help this woman. Not that I am a professional at all, but my life experiences had prepared me for that moment, and I was able to use my talents in a way to help her. Then, we taught her a short lesson that was the icing on the cake. This is because as with the medical part, my life has prepared me for these moments also. These moments I have to bear testimony of Christ and how He is my rock, my Savior, my Redeemer. It is a testament to me that if we are willing, worthy, and ready for these moments, God will use us. And He plans to use us! So we better be ready.  I hope that we all can look for these opportunities to use our individual talents in this coming week.

Another miracle, we could not find a road in Albate, a paesino, to visit a less active. So we went to a bar to get a map, and ended up getting directions from a guy there, who drew us a full on map on a napkin. We found it senza problemi. Later we see this man from the bar on the bus the next day. We teach him the restoration right there on the bus and give him a book of Mormon. He now has a bap date and is working with the Anziani.  Another testament, that God will use you and place you in opportunities during every moment, even in a moment of your weakness, because we all know how I am with directions. He has a plan, you need to be ready.

This week has been great. I am back on track mentally and physically, and I plan to go forward and keep fighting. Hurrah for Israel!

Here are my Valentine’s socks, thanks Nancy & Sheron!  They look adorable, don’t you think?

I went shopping this morning! I got that pink skirt and that epic dress. And no, i didn’t just buy it because the shop owner called me skinny....

Here is my selfie from this week…excuse the solar system that is growing on there... ;) 
Mischief Managed
_Sorella Kynia

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